Chii-a Kriya: Surround Yourself with Protection

When you are losing hope and feel that nothing is working for you, this meditation is in order.

Chii-a means six in Gurmukhi. This meditation is an experience of the six “unchangeable sounds:” Har, Hare, Haree, Wa, He, Guru. They are associated with the six directions: east, west, north, south, up, and down.

When you meditate on these six in this way, the Universe covers you. You chant and God listens with love.

The Practice

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose.

Mudra: Gyan Mudra: touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the Jupiter finger (index finger). The other fingers are relaxed.

Mantra: Har Haray Haree Wah Hay Guru. Chant using the tip of your tongue.

Eyes: Close your eyes.

Movement: Move your arms in the following sequence:

Stretch your arms out to the sides with the palms facing forward. Keep your elbows straight. Chant Har.

Without bringing your hands near your shoulders, move your hands directly in front of you with your palms down, elbows by your sides, and your forearms pointing straight out in front of your body. Chant Hare (haray).

Bring your hands up by your shoulders, palms facing out. Chant Haree.

Stretch your arms out to the sides again. Chant Wah.

Bring your arms directly to the front, palms down. Chant Hay.

Bring your hands up near your shoulders. Chant Guru.


Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale, hold the breath 15-20 seconds, keep your arms in position #6 and squeeze your rib cage as you stretch your spine upward. Exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This kriya can be found in Reaching Me in Me available through KRI.

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