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Numerology for November 2022 - A Grand Alignment

The month of November 2022 is a power point of grand alignment within the domain of the Heavenly and Earthly realms. Much that has been hidden or disguised from public view will be coursing the airwaves of TV, social media, and your local coffee shop. This new dimension of information will have a very liberating effect on people’s lives, and at the same time, there will be a few “tough nuts” who refuse to read the writing on the wall. We will pray for them.

The number 11 represents the themes of integrity, balance within, higher values, inspired leadership, and an electrical kind of energy that can work efficiently at lightning speed. Like a sprinter at the starting line, we will feel the urge to spring forward and engage with our lives in a new and creative way. There will be an abundance of what is popularly called “spiritual downloads” occurring for anyone who is open to a step toward spiritual destiny. What is spiritual destiny, you might ask?

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Numerology for December 2022: A Restorative Time-Out

Here we are, still standing at the end of an extraordinary year, and it is essential now to turn the lamplight down low. Rest, relaxation and pleasant festivities are all a part of the cure for what has been a rough n’ tumble time on planet Earth.

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Making a Circle

As I become older, I feel more and more that I am not changing but coming back to how I really was when I was a child. I don’t mean that I am becoming a child. I mean I am coming back to the connection that I had with myself as a child—coming back to my own essence, my own being.

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Amethyst: The Purple Ray of Peace

Amethyst is said to be the ‘stone of peace.’ While bringing a sense of spiritual calm, the Amethyst also raises hopes and lifts the spirits, bringing thoughts of the spiritual realms that shape our lives.

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Vibrating Peace, One by One

Real long-lasting peace will not come through the politicians or organizations promoting peace. Real peace will come through the individual—one by one until the whole world is vibrating peace.

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Angelic Angelite

Angelite is useful in connecting one with the guidance of angels and spiritually aligned beings. Like many blue stones, it is cooling, calming, soothing, and has been said to bring hues of soft blues to the tip of the electromagnetic field. 

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