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Numerology for September 2022 - Dispelling the Veils of Illusion

The month of September is a time of adjusting our life strategies and expectations of others and ourselves for the remainder of the year. The number 9 of September speaks to the issues of refinement, completion, self-mastery, and an intuitive awareness of our deepest emotional needs.

As we are longing for the fulfillment of these needs, we must still safely navigate the chaos of the world. It is our Subtle Body, combined with the self-sensory system, which will give us the guidance and support necessary at this time.

Yes, the number 9 is the Subtle Body, which is the most powerful of the 10 Light Bodies. It is above time and space, and has the ability to sense another person’s energetic space by simply tuning into them. We need to have our wits about us as we travel a sometimes tricky terrain throughout this month.

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Numerology for June 2022: Strengthen Your Arc Line

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