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Numerology Forecast for March 2024

Numerology Forecast for March 2024: Reset, Regroup, Recharge. The month of March is a tutorial in prioritizing your personal needs over the demands of others. One false step, and you’re gonna feel the hurt. It is a time where we need to develop within ourselves the ability to reset-regroup-recharge; all within a flashpoint of time and space.

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Summer Solstice 2024 — Are you ready for transformation?

Ram Das Puri, the spiritual home for many yogis nestled in the high desert mountains of New Mexico. This article unfolds the beautiful history of this sacred land, revealing its significant role as a profound destination to impart valuable lessons on living a healthy, happy, and holy life in alignment with our true authentic selves.

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What is a Spiritual Name?

One of the unique aspects of the spiritual name technology is how it relates to your numerology. Encoded in the date and year of your birth are messages about where you are in your soul’s cosmic evolution.

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The Pranic Body

Prana is life energy itself – the life force of your physical body. Prana speaks to us – it tells us when we need to breathe, and when to let the breath go.

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Numerology Forecast for May 2023: Balance and Stability

The month of May brings a time of powerful change to planet earth, and we need to have our physical body and mental energies turn up in order to catch the opportunities inherent in the higher frequencies. Surf’s up, so let’s look at ways to maximize the benefits of this fortuitous times.  Number 5 represents the themes of the physical body, travel, communication, adaptability, and the need to experience a new level of freedom in life. There will be an underlying urge to “Go for it!” circulating in the collective psyche, and this will give way to many new businesses and creative ventures.

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