Numerology for May 2023: Balance & Stability

The month of May brings a time of powerful change to planet Earth, and we need to have our physical body and mental energies tuned up in order to catch the opportunities inherent in the higher frequencies. Surf’s up, so let’s look at ways to maximize the benefits of this fortuitous season of time.

Number 5 represents the themes of the physical body, travel, communication, adaptability, and the need to experience a new level of freedom in life. There will be an underlying urge to “Go for it!” circulating in the collective psyche, and this will give way to many new businesses and creative ventures.

This bold new attitude can be a good thing, as long as your plan is balanced in its approach. Number 5 represents balance, as it is the midpoint between the numbers 1 and 10. In order to have balance in our lives we need to have a sustaining point of stability between where we presently are, and where we want to go. This stability is maintained through our physical vitality, mental equilibrium, and spiritual practice. Anything less than this will not be maintainable in the days ahead, as shifts and changes in the world continue to unfold at a fast and furious pace. This is the new normal.

So, how to best position ourselves to maintain, flourish, and prosper? Check in with your health in May, and ask yourself the question, “Are my physical body and overall health in order?” Then make whatever adjustments you need to, to get yourself up to par. Even small adjustments can add up to big changes over time, and this will ultimately lead you in the right direction.

Whether it be nutrition, exercise, or that 11-minute meditation, give yourself a “life tune-up” now. This way you will have a strong foundation with which to maneuver and catch new opportunities. Your ability to be flexible and resilient is part of the success formula for the remainder of 2023.

Another aspect of the number 5 is endurance. Not just physically, but on a spiritual and emotional level. Our endurance will be tested, and we need to come up with new ways to navigate the ever-changing landscape of life.

When the number 5 goes negative, it can be impulsive and pushy, so check yourself when you feel your energy accelerating into emotional overdrive. If you find yourself being pressured by someone, create a “checkpoint” for their intentions. Saying something like, “Wow, that’s quite a lot to think through! I’ll need a couple of days to sort it out, and then I’ll get back to you with a solid answer.” Give yourself time and space, so you’re not ending up between a rock and a hard place.

Number 5 is the Earth Element, and in the positive polarity it has the quality of feeling grounded and stable. Mixing with the Earth Element now is a powerful point of rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul. Getting out into nature, as well as exploring natural hot springs or going to a spa that has mud baths is a way to cleanse the physical body.

Locked in an urban grid? Not to worry, you can still experience a cleansing earth bath by ordering online clay bath products. These clay bath powders mix up quite well in your bathtub and are said to help pull toxins out of the body. Picture this: You are resting in your healing bath, sipping a cup of peppermint tea, while beautiful music is playing. Gazing at the flickering light of a beeswax candle on the ledge, you drift into your own sacred dream world. All is well.

Sometimes in my puffy white cloud of numerology magic, I get the question, “What do you do when you feel absolutely bad and terrible?” This is a really good question, so let me open a dormer window into the secret world of Nam Hari, and how she sometimes deals with things. When I am having a moment when it all seems so ridiculous and unfair, I slip through the portal of film.

My two “go-to” movies for this dilemma are “Girl Interrupted,” and “Atonement.” Both are brilliant in their own right, and each gives a tour-de-force experience of what it’s like to get thrown into something you didn’t quite see coming but have to deal with anyway. For me, this helps give perspective to the present moment. Both these films allow me to reset, and walk away with the feeling, “Well, I don’t have it so bad after all.”

The Yogis have a saying, “Anything which is rhythmic, is happy.” We need this rhythm right now as a way to balance ourselves and breakthrough to a higher level of personal achievement. There is a luckiness that happens in our lives when we’re in rhythm. We’re catching the green lights, meeting the right people, and finding the item we’ve been longing for at 50% off! In yogic science, there is a way to create this rhythmic flow, and here it is for you, absolutely free. The “Developing Self Rhythm” meditation quells the wavering mind, helps the body recover from fatigue, and supports the thyroid and parathyroid glands. It’s a big chill pill for chaotic times.

The number 5 has an edge to it, and this edge can be a good thing, as long as you don’t go over the edge. A few days this month to be aware of are the 5th, 7th, 14th, 16th, 23rd, and 25th. There will be “energy surges” on these days, creating the tendency for people to grab for things, or, push back against you. Mother Nature will likely be kicking up her heels as well, so save the white water rafting for another time. Tread lightly and carry a big Aura. Your own heightened energy field is the way to read the field and maneuver accordingly.

The future is as bright as we create it to be, and the very good news is that many events that have been on hold over the past 3 years are back on track. Inspire a sense of adventure for yourself by planning a trip to one of the many rekindled spiritual gatherings happening over the summer. Community is key, as it opens the doorway to a kind of spiritual nourishment that can’t be found anywhere else.

Life is a mystery, and it is not so much about having it all figured out before moving forward as it is about taking a conscious leap of faith toward your own evolution. May is a springboard month for seeding the future, and as they say in the realms of the mountaineering world, “When in doubt, go higher.”

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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