Yogic Numerology

Yogic Numerology, a system of self-understanding based on the date we were born, has roots in yogic and tantric teachings. A functional adjunct to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Yogic Numerology provides insight based on the time and date of birth as to which aspects of the self may be already strong, or in need of strengthening. It is also known as Tantric or Akara Numerology.

Yogic Numerology is based on numerology as the mathematics of the universe, and the wisdom of the Ten Bodies. It is a simple and accessible divination tool to illuminate the path, skills, and nature of the human soul.

The gift of Yogic Numerology is in its quickness, simplicity, and accuracy. It helps the practitioner to understand their makeup, and to identify practices that might strengthen their weaknesses or harness their inborn strengths. Through the application of Yogic Numerology and the technology of Kundalini Yoga, you have the ability to change your own life.

This system is a powerful complement to therapeutic modalities. It provides an accurate frame of reference and a place from which to begin.

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How it Works

Yogic Numerology is based upon an understanding of the total being, in which the human is more than just a 3-dimensional physical body. Kundalini Yoga recognizes Ten Bodies. While Hatha recognizes five, all of yoga implies an appreciation for the multi-dimensional human being and the worldview that we’re spirits embodying the human experience.

Each body has a number associated with it, and each number has relative significance. The number eleven represents the embodiment of all. As we quest towards health and wholeness, the Ten Bodies and Yogic Numerology are yet another tool to help us understand our bodies, and learn how to optimize our capacity.

The Numbers

A Yogic Numerology reading uses your birthdate to generate five key numbers: the Soul Number, the Karma Number, the Gift Number, the Destiny Number, and the Path Number. These numbers each correspond to one of the Ten Bodies, and together can give you information about your unique gifts, challenges, and opportunities in this lifetime.

The SOUL number: The soul number indicates your relationship with your own soul, with your inner self and the source of your creativity. This number is completely inward focused.

The KARMA number: The karma number indicates your relationship with others. It indicates the degree of openness or blockage to effective communication with others, and highlights the main area of limitation that needs work.

The GIFT number: This number reveals your natural gift. It is that which comes effortlessly, and it is your natural talent. It is God-given and needs no work from you. The catch here is that you must have sufficient self-esteem and elevation to graciously accept your gift in order to use it.

The DESTINY number: The destiny number indicates that which you’ve worked on for many lifetimes. It indicates how others see you. You may not see yourself this way, but others perceive you in this way.

The PATH number: The path number shows the thing you must do in this lifetime in order to feel fulfilled. It is the path you must walk in order to feel that you are successful—to feel that you have done the thing you came here to do.

Calculating the Numbers

To find your numbers, use the birth date: mm/dd/yyyy. Keep summing the numbers until they are reduced to between 1 and 11. For example, if you were born in 1986, to find your Destiny Number you would add 1+9+8+6 to get 24, and then add 2+4 to get 6.

These numbers are equivalent to the Ten Bodies plus the number eleven, the embodiment of all.

Soul Number: Sum of day numbers (d+d).

Karma Number: Sum of month numbers (m+m).

Gift Number: Sum of the decade (last two digits of the year) (y+y). For example, the gift number for a birth year of 1975 is 7 + 5 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3.

Destiny Number: Sum of all four digits of the year (y+y+y+y).

Path Number: Sum of all the numbers in your birth date (m+m+d+d+y+y+y+y).

Working with the Ten Bodies

Kundalini Yoga, with its systemized kriyas, works to balance and activate the Ten Bodies. A regular practice is a great way to work on all Ten Bodies at once. But the insight from a Yogic Numerology reading may provide useful insight into your own strengths and weaknesses, and help you plan a fulfilling sadhana and practical course of action.

In working with Yogic Numerology, you are working with the Ten Bodies. If you are aware of a weakness or imbalance in one particular body, you can focus on strengthening and balancing that body using the tools of Kundalini Yoga and choosing a technology that focuses on that body.

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