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Yogic Diet

Yoga is more than a practice—it’s a lifestyle built upon the foundations of holistic health and well being. Food plays a critical role in preparing the body for longevity and increased awareness. But what makes for a yogic diet?

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Chanting Akaal at the Time of Death

There is a beautiful tradition in the 3HO and Sikh Dharma communities that is done when someone dies. Whether it is a beloved friend or relative, or someone we never knew, this tradition assists the departing soul in its journey home, as well as giving comfort to those left behind.

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Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire invigorates the brain, purifies the blood, and strengthens the nervous system. Regular practice expands the lung capacity and increases vital energy.

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Suspending the Breath

Holding the breath (or breath retention) might seem counterintuitive to bringing more life force into your body; but in fact, suspending the breath brings you into a state of more flow. 

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The Aquarian Age

The Age of Aquarius tends to evoke an image of free-loving hippies, frolicking in eternal bliss. But before western counterculture put its stamp on eastern spirituality, astrologers and theosophists signaled the coming of the age. 

What is the Age of Aquarius? And what does it mean for us, now?

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