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Yogic Diet

Yoga is more than a practice—it’s a lifestyle built upon the foundations of holistic health and well being. Food plays a critical role in preparing the body for longevity and increased awareness. But what makes for a yogic diet?

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The Aquarian Age

The Age of Aquarius tends to evoke an image of free-loving hippies, frolicking in eternal bliss. But before western counterculture put its stamp on eastern spirituality, astrologers and theosophists signaled the coming of the age. 

What is the Age of Aquarius? And what does it mean for us, now?

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Seva & Service

The spiritual awareness cultivated in Kundalini Yoga practice is even more vitalizing when it is used in service of others. In the most concise terms, seva means to give without asking for anything in return. To serve without reward. To uplift and inspire those who need it.

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Cold Showers

The thought of a cold shower first thing in the morning can be shocking at first (unless, of course, you’re one of the 43% of people worldwide without the luxury of hot water). Known as Ishnaan in the East, and popularized by Wim Hof, Tony Robbins, and the world of Kundalini Yoga, cold showers are a form of hydrotherapy with proven benefits for good health.

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Prayer in the Aquarian Age

Bow your head and pray from the heart. Prayer is beyond time and space, a call to the higher self, and a request that the Infinite come through for the finite. To pray is to call upon yourself to be yourself.

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