The 2nd Body: The Negative Mind

The Negative Mind is the second of the Ten Bodies. It is protective and has nothing to do with negativity. It is the part of our intellect that helps create awareness of our surroundings and assess potential dangers. It gives us the ability to be discerning and not get carried away by unrealistic optimism.

The GPS of the Aquarian Age is the Neutral Mind

The 4th yogic body is the neutral mind, the part of the mind that is in direct connection to our Soul’s guidance. One of the purposes of meditation is to develop our neutral mind. True neutrality in the face of today’s modern challenges is a powerful yogic tool.

The 1st Body: The Soul Body

The first of the Ten Bodies is your best friend for life—your Soul—your flow of spirit. It exemplifies courage, creativity, humility, and vision. The key phrase for the Soul body is “Heart over Head.” Here we offer resources for working on the Soul Body.

Numerology Forecast for 2023 and the Month of January

As a humanity, we have now departed from one of the most challenging years in recent history. We now have a stronger resolve and awareness of how to protect ourselves, as well as how to determine who is truly for or against us. Your new superpower is an Arc Line (halo) that reads, “Don’t tread on me, I am born to be free!”

The Healing Vibration of Sat Nam

Five years ago, I established a daily Kundalini Yoga practice and planted the seed of Sat Nam – truth – breathing in Sat and exhaling Nam. I tenderly cared for it and watered it with purifying tears.

The Age of Aquarius: What It Is and Why You Should Care

If you’ve noticed the world seems polarized lately, you are not alone. From politics to climate change and from pandemics to wars, it can feel like the human race is having a really hard time getting along. The good news is that the polarization is because we’re going through a transition from one astrological age to the next, and the coming period promises to be one of higher consciousness, compassion, and enlightenment. 

Numerology for December 2022: A Restorative Time-Out

Here we are, still standing at the end of an extraordinary year, and it is essential now to turn the lamplight down low. Rest, relaxation and pleasant festivities are all a part of the cure for what has been a rough n’ tumble time on planet Earth.

Making a Circle

As I become older, I feel more and more that I am not changing but coming back to how I really was when I was a child. I don’t mean that I am becoming a child. I mean I am coming back to the connection that I had with myself as a child—coming back to my own essence, my own being.