Numerology for April 2023: Focus Yourself

It is important now to realistically assess how much you are capable of in a day or week, and then weed out any unnecessary burdens or obligations. Separating the wheat from the chaff is essential to our lives becoming more fluid and functional.

The Big Sleep

They tell us that death is simply a return to Source. It is nothing to fear. Many of us work to achieve that state of yoga, or Divine Union, while still alive, so that when it is finally time to leave behind this rented vehicle, we shall have a swift and smooth, direct, non-stop journey home.

The 5th Body: The Physical Body

The Physical Body could be said to be the sacred, living, human form that houses the soul, through which enlightenment and service to humanity are manifested. The key to perfecting this body is balance—balance in body and mind, balance in diet and exercise, balance in play, work, and rest.

The 4th Body: The Neutral Mind

The Neutral Mind is the 4th of the ten bodies. Also known as the Meditative Mind or the Intuitive Mind, the Neutral Mind evaluates the input of your Negative and Positive Minds. The Neutral Mind opens the gate to that deep remembrance of the self and soul.

Sunrise Chanting at Summer Solstice

It was only in the morning as we sat chanting with over a thousand yogis with the sun rising above us that I did not want anything anymore…I was totally and completely satisfied.

I Found My Family at Summer Solstice

In New Mexico, where Summer Solstice is held in June, I became enamored with it all. The rituals of sadhana, seva and Gurdwara united me in the flow of fellowship and love of prayer.  I had found my family.

A Journey of Renewal: The 21 Stages of Meditation

The 2023 Solstice Festival on June 15 – 21 will include two days of deep meditation with Journey 1 of the 21 Stages of Meditation. Journey 1, “The Crystallized Self,” involves feeling our way through the meditative journey and what “stops” us from meditation: frustration, being upset, boredom, etc.

The 3rd Body: The Positive Mind

Balancing Unto Infinity

The third body is the Positive Mind, also known as the expansive and projective mind. It is hopeful, optimistic, creative, and playful. It seeks the bright side of things and is open to new opportunities.

Numerology Forecast for February 2023: Look Before You Leap

The month of February 2023 is a time of discernment and decisiveness in our decision-making process. We will find ourselves feeling polarized by the intensity of vacillating emotions while standing on the precipice of all that is new and exciting.