The 10th Body: The Radiant Body

The Radiant Body is our source of divine beauty, which goes well beyond physical appearance. It can be sensed as a strong, bright, powerfully confident presence. When your Radiant Body is underdeveloped, you may feel insecure and wish to avoid people and conflict. You may have fluctuating energy levels, paralyzing fear, and the inability to serve others. A strong Radiant Body attracts people and situations that benefit not only you but everyone around you. You may have a sense of being blessed and feel calm, confident, and full of energy. Our Radiant Body is our protection; but it is also our projection of royal courage, grace, and a willingness to be of service to others.


Resources to Support Working with the Radiant Body

Mantras: Spotify Playlist for the Radiant Body

Jaap Sahib
Recite Jaap Sahib by Guru Gobind Singh daily.
See the Music Resources page for recordings.

Let Your Hair Grow
In many traditions and cultures around the world, hair has been revered as a source of power. Left uncut, your hair will grow to a particular length and then stop all by itself at the correct length for you. From a yogic perspective, hair is an amazing gift of nature that can actually help raise the Kundalini energy (creative life force), which increases vitality, intuition, and tranquility. For more information see Yogic Hair Care.

Wear White
Wearing white clothing is another tool to strengthen your projection and conscious awareness. Kundalini Yoga is geared towards increasing sensitivity, enhancing bioelectricity, and strengthening the nervous system. Wearing white, ideally from cotton, silk, wool, or other natural fibers, expands and nurtures the electromagnetic field, or aura. White is what we see when all wavelengths of light are reflected at once. The pigment in the color white is reflective. This protects your aura and positions you to center your practice and power. Wearing white is an invitation to deflect what’s going on outside of us and turn inside for answers and guidance. For more information see Wearing White.


Kundalini Kriyas

Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body
With the Radiant Body strong, our presence communicates contentment, containment, completeness and consciousness. Without the full Radiant Body, we grasp for some security other than our Being and the Infinite.

Meditation for the Radiant Body
This kriya uses the Ajai Alai mantra. It is the mantra for the radiant body, said to make you bright and beautiful. 

Archer Pose
Archer Pose can be challenging, but 11 minutes of archer pose on each side is a simple way to build up the Radiant Body and develop the Navel Center.

Meditation for Radiance: Wahe Guru Pranayama
Realize the Infinity carried by the breath, and imbue Wahe Guru in each cell, like you are an ocean of sound and every cell is a bell that is vibrating. 

Meditation for Radiance and Ease
Tune into your aura and perceive your own radiance.

3 Stroke Breath for Health, Energy, and Radiance
Our breath brings us prana – the source of our energy and vitality. The more consciously we practice this pranayama, the more prana we will build.

Meditation to Deliver Contentment
This meditation can deliver containment and contentment. It creates a direct connection to the Radiant Body and gives us control of the mind. Control of our mind gives us the opportunity to allow contentment as a choice—a state of being to be assimilated into our daily awareness and psyche.

Meditation to Experience the Expanded Self
This kriya is said to stimulate the endocrine system and enhance your inner radiance. It is best practiced on the full moon but can be done at any time.

Meditation for the Seventh and Eighth Chakras
This meditation exalts intuition. The Seventh Chakra represents humility and vastness, the tenth gate, the seat of the soul, the connection to the highest self, elevation. The Eighth Chakra represents radiance, the electromagnetic field, protection, and combines the effects of all the chakras.

Pranayama to Balance Mental Energy I
The radiance and beauty of a person depends on the clarity and shine of his circumvent force field, which in turn depends on the balance of energy in the left (moon) and right (sun) sides of the body. This pranayam creates this balance and allows the mind to rid itself of doubts.

Chakkar Chalunee Kriya
This mantra is used to alleviate anxiety, depression, insecurity, and fear, and to bring victory.



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