Music Resources

Music has been at the heart of Kundalini Yoga practice and community for decades. Today there are thousands of recordings featuring Kundalini Yoga mantras, songs, and instrumentals, from artists all around the world, in a huge variety of styles, and it only keeps growing. Use the resources below to find music you can play in your home, chant along to, or use for a specific kriya.

The original Kundalini Yoga record label, Spirit Voyage has one of the largest collections of current and vintage music. Their Mantrapedia is an amazing Kundalini resource. 

The world’s #1 streaming platform has a huge library of Kundalini Yoga music. As you find tracks you love, you can build a playlist with your favorites so the algorithm can start to suggest even more artists you might love. You can also follow 3HO on Spotify for a selection of curated playlists that is growing all the time.

Similar to Spotify, you can stream tons of albums on Apple Music. Or, if you prefer to own your music, you can also purchase albums through the iTunes store. This has the added benefit of supporting the artists in a bigger way than streaming does.

If you really want to support the artists behind your favorite music, consider purchasing it through their individual website or from an artist-focused site like Bandcamp. This will ensure that the majority of the sale goes directly to the artist, not to a middle man.

A Note on Piracy

Wherever you find your music, keep in mind that most Kundalini Yoga musicians are small artists who pour huge amounts of skill, dedication, and love into their recordings, usually for little to no monetary return. Please respect their contributions by sourcing your music from licensed sellers and platforms such as the ones listed above. If possible, one of the best ways you can support musicians is often to purchase an album from them directly.

How to Find Music

With so much music out there, how do you sift through it all? While there is unfortunately no single location to find all the Kundalini Yoga music, you can use these tips to get the most out of your searches:

  1. Follow us on Spotify. We’re updating our selection of playlists all the time so you can find new music and artists you haven’t heard yet.
  2. Use the algorithms. Most streaming platforms have features that allow you to find new music based on an existing list. Put a playlist together with a few of your favorite mantras, and see what comes up under the recommendations for similar music.
  3. Ask your teachers and friends. The best music recommendation is a personal one! Your yoga teacher is sure to have lots of favorites to recommend. Or, if you have friends who also practice Kundalini Yoga, ask them who they’re listening to.
  4. Search for a specific mantra. This is the easiest way to find music for a specific kriya. It’s also a great way to check out lots of different artists at once, as you get to see all the different renditions of the same mantra. Remember—some mantras have a few different common spellings, so search for variations too!

Note: Some kriyas on our site will recommend a specific recording of a mantra, which was used when the kriya was initially taught. Some of those early recordings are no longer available or are difficult to find. However, we also have countless more options today than when those tracks were initially chosen. In the event that you are unable to locate a particular recording for a certain kriya, you can choose another recording that you feel has an appropriate sound current and pace for the given practice.

Need some musical suggestions?
Here are some 3HO curated playlists to help you get started!

Licensing Music for Yoga Classes and Studios

If you are using music in a yoga class, studio, or any other professional context beyond your own personal use, you’ll need to make sure that you are playing music that is properly licensed for commercial use. This is important for multiple reasons:

  • You protect yourself and your business from hefty surprise legal fees
  • You ensure that the artists we appreciate so much are being fairly paid for their work

Visit YogiTunes to learn more about licensing music for commercial use, as well as discounted pricing on yoga playlists.