Numerology for July 2023: Watch Your Step & Follow Your Heart

The month of July is an interesting mix-up of “watch your step,” combined with a “follow your heart” free-flowing approach to life. We have double 7’s in the cosmic lineup, appearing both as the month and overall year. Number 7 is the Water Element, so this will be affecting the movement of water on the planet as well as our emotional equilibrium, in a dramatic way. Not letting yourself get pulled into someone else’s tsunami of senseless drama is an important rule of the road for July.

The number 7 represents the themes of trust, inner knowing, personal space, clarity, nature, and the Aura. It also encompasses our ability to process through all the information before making important decisions. Your patience will be tested throughout July, as there is a knee-jerk tendency to react quickly and sometimes overreact to the events unfolding around us.

Creating the habit of taking a personal time-out when life flares up is a good way to maintain your equilibrium. Saying to yourself, “Okay, just wait a minute here, you don’t need to respond immediately to this. Take a moment, reel it in, and wait till you’ve thought it through enough before making a decision.” This type of self-counsel can save you from a host of, “Damn it, what did I just get myself into?” self-inflicted scenarios.

July of 2023 holds the potential for great breakthroughs in our personal health and healing. There is a “revelatory” quality to the month, where our own consciousness will be revealing the dead roots of that which has held us back. Similar to a stream that has branches, leaves, and rocks blocking its flow, we will be able to see exactly what has been in the way of our own progress. This will create a renewed sense of ease in our lives. The Yogis call this state of consciousness “Sahej” (Sa-hedge), which is a smooth and easy intuitive state of being.

Often as children, we just knew, without any information or dialogue, exactly what the truth was. Then came the clutter of adult insecurities and fears projected into our Auric space. If only there was a way to sweep away these recurring fears that make us stumble and fall. Mmm, well, there is!

The “Kundalini Meditation to Charge Your Aura” is the perfect pick-me-up to cleanse and energize your Auric field. You have the time to practice along with this lovely teacher and nature setting, freeing your Aura of other people’s negative projections. Just go for it!

There is an element of renewal in the month of July, and it does require an effort on our part to make it the best it can be. Coming back to the Water Element, we know that sweating is a powerful detoxifier for the physical body. Get yourself out there on the hiking trails, in the hot springs, in the spin cycle class, and wherever you feel most comfortable sweating it out. By cleansing the lymphatic system you are clearing the negative emotion of resentment.

This is powerful stuff, as resentment is an emotion that robs us of our joy and effectiveness. Resentment shifts the focus from the present to a place lost in time that can never be revisited and corrected. Kind of like boxing with a ghost; you’re constantly losing energy to a vampire apparition that has no mercy for your misery. Time to break free, time to cut loose.

Cleansing foods that will help you in July are watermelon, coconut water, strawberries, cherries, kale, and asparagus. They all have vital nutrients for health and healing. Chewing your food slowly is another way to absorb the most nutrition and feel satisfied from a “just the right amount” portion. I don’t know who invented the “All You Can Eat!” buffet, but it’s a really bad idea.

Looking now to the “follow your heart” section of the forecast, we have the number 3 appearing in the Heart calculation (Heart is month of 7 + Gift of 5 = 12 = 3). Even though 12 reduces down to 3, we take note of the number 12 as it is called a Significant Number. This means it has a higher meaning and value than the reduced digit. Twelve signifies the gathering of holy people, as in the 12 disciples of Christ, as well as other spiritual paths.

I have coined the phrase, “Spiritual is that which has spirit,” and it is important now to engage with your people. If not, you are then dealing with the negative polarity of the number 3, which is angry, depressed, or destructive when projected outward. Be sensitive and alert to other’s emotional cues, as there will be situations where people are going to spin out of control over the slightest infraction.

There is a definite edge to this month, but it can be maneuvered through by keeping your Auric field clear so you may correctly sense and filter the information in the environment. Your Aura can pick up on and read things ahead of the curve, and a clear Aura is like a clean windshield. You know exactly how to proceed because you have the elevated vision from which to chart the protected path.

The aforesaid meditation is an excellent one to teach your children, and in just 3 minutes they can get themselves back on track. Interestingly, number 3 represents children and their playful and sometimes mischievous nature. Our children will be needing extra guidance and support this summer, along with a gentle structure that gives them a sense of purpose. Otherwise, the intense energy shifts on the planet can result in a loose cannon effect in their behavior. So, gentle structure and outdoor adventures are the best medicine.

If you are feeling the need for a little physical and mental motivation, I have just the cure for you. I found the 2019 movie “Arctic” to be a stunning tour-de-force of challenging events and human emotion. There are only two people in the entire film, and yet you couldn’t feel more engaged and drawn in by all the drama and suspense. Definitely family worthy, and you’ll feel so grateful for that Saturday night pizza afterwards!

The world at this time is on a sharp learning curve of human evolution. The Yogis call it the “Change of the Age,” which means we are in the cross-currents of the shift between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages. The changing of the guard is never an easy time, and yet we do have the elevated skill set with which to navigate these times.

Know that to simply keep your equilibrium is a great accomplishment now, and you need not pressurize yourself for anything further. Good things come to you when you are cool, calm, and conscious.

May the light of the Heavens cast a gracious glance on the path before you, and may you be guided to all that is safe and sacred to your Soul.

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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