The 9th Body: The Subtle Body

The Subtle Body is your greatest friend and ally, as it can immediately decipher the surroundings and let you know the most protected path of action. A strong Subtle Body gives you the ability to walk into a room and intuitively know what’s going on around you. You are focused, visionary, and kind. The key phrase for the Subtle Body is “mastery or mystery.” To have mastery means to be able to master situations easily. Mystery means lacking the subtle perception to pick up where people are really coming from; being easily misled; naïve. You may feel lost, disillusioned, or angry. Without mastery, life appears as a mystery.


Resources to Support Working with the Subtle Body

Mantras: Spotify Playlist for the Subtle Body

Key to Balancing the Subtle Body: Practice any meditation or kriya for 1,000 days to activate your subtle levels of awareness.

Kundalini Kriyas:

Kriya to Clarify the Subtle Body
This kriya works to strengthen the Subtle Body and also the Arcline, which influences both your ability to receive intuitive information, and the power of the information you are sending out. In addition to these benefits, it is said to give you a bright, shining countenance.

Meditation to Balance the Hemispheres
This meditation can expand your experience of reality beyond our normal, constricted, day-to-day perception. It allows you to know that beyond your world there is another world. Through mastery of the meditative mind, we have the opportunity to experience happiness and fulfillment.

Me Within Me: A Meditation for Self-Affirmation
Practicing this meditation affirms our purity, grace, and mastery, and thereby our worthiness to receive. This is an affirmation to hold in consciousness as a guideline for our lives.

Laya Yoga Kriya for Intuition & the Power to Heal
If you concentrate on the subtle sounds of the mantra, It will enable you to consciously remember and experience the link between you and the Creator. It takes you to the most subtle realm of bliss and creative consciousness. It awakens your awareness and empowers you to sense your subtle body of the aura.

Meditation for Developing Your Human Kindness
In this meditation, the breath, the prana, is controlled by the rhythmic eight strokes and is projected out as sound. It expands your energy, projects your aura, and gives you your excellence. It is said that this meditation gives one the ability to rise above time and space.

Developing a Meditative Mind
A meditative mind gives one the intuitive ability to realize the consequences of a sequence of actions and therefore gives one a guideline for dealing with cause and effect and minimizing karma.

3½ Cycle Laya Yoga Chant
This chant brings presence to your soul and destiny. It lets your activity serve your purpose, by connecting you with creativity and focusing your attention toward your true priorities. Strong actions combined with non-attachment make life a dance with much creativity and gratitude.




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