Numerology Forecast for November 2023

The month of November invites us to explore our best options for the future, as well as definitively release that which is no longer working in our lives. This process will revolve largely around our relationships, as number 11 represents the interplay between our own higher consciousness, and the thoughts, motives, and agendas of others. Hmm, that sounds like it could be quite complicated, so let’s break it down and sort out the details!

The number 11 of November represents the themes of integrity, excellence, spiritual vision, and the alignment of our Soul with our life’s work. If you’re not happy with your career right now, this would be the month to seriously explore other options. There is a way to accelerate and finesse this process, and we’ll get to that a bit later in the forecast. For the present moment, just know that the higher benevolent powers want you to be headed in the right direction. And that “right direction” has very much to do with your creative faculties coming into focus for the good of all. The “A Team” is waiting for you to step up to the plate.

Let’s take a look at some of the emotional dynamics for this month, because when the number 11 goes into the negative polarity, things can get a bit dicey. When the higher values of truth and integrity go sour, it can get rather ugly. We don’t need to explore this in detail, just turn on the news and you’ll see the complete picture. So, looking towards solutions for this in your personal life, the number one thing to remember is, don’t go for the bait. That’s right, because sometimes when a person is frustrated with their own life, and they see you doing well, they just can’t stand it. The number 9 is in the Base calculation for this month (Base is month of 11 + year of 7 = 9), and when number 9 goes negative it is jealous, sometimes to the point of being ruthless. In the positive polarity 9 is subtle, intuitive, and uses the power of suggestion to shift the energy in a conversation. The number 9 also knows when to just not be present, and avoid the conflict completely.

We need to develop this intuitive instinct within ourselves, and teach it to our children as well. Standing front and center to someone else’s unfolding insanity and chaos is not going to win you the Nobel Peace prize, and it can be toxic and damaging to your aura. Preserve yourself, conserve your energy; know what has your name on it, and what does not. Being a relentless “do-gooder” is a surefire way to total burnout.

Looking further into the number 9, it is important to know that 9 has a very sentimental quality to it. You will very likely have moments where your mind strolls down Memory Lane and reminisces about the good ol’ days. The happy family gatherings, the holiday pumpkin pie, and the friend you could totally confide in and feel safe. Yes, we do need to allow ourselves what I call “positive escapism.” It is fascinating to me how many songs on the radio these days are about just that, a time gone by that is well remembered and savored. I have recently heard the songs “I Go Back,” “Take Me Home Country Roads,” and to me, best of all, “Automatic” by Miranda Lambert. Yeah howdy, listen up ya’ll, and easy on the eyes too! Lyric: “Hey, whatever happened to waiting your turn, and doing it all by hand?” Oh my, tell the truth girl.

Circling the wagons back around to the intention of breaking free from what is no longer working in our lives, let’s look to the science of mantra for answers. At this time we need to emit a frequency that will align us with being at the right place at the right time. One of the ways to adjust the matrix is by chanting the mantra “Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru.” This frequency shifts your flow and presence in the world, and gifts you with the most beneficial outcome. By chanting this eleven minutes a day you’re on your way to a better new year. 

Looking now to the world of nature for healing tips, you can’t go wrong with the Bach Flower Essences. They are both gentle and supportive in their healing method, and work on a subtle energetic level. The essence of Crab Apple helps to clear you from obsessive thoughts of imperfection, or a sense of feeling either unclean or just not right. The essence of Centaury helps you to overcome feelings of being weak-willed and subservient to others. It helps to break the pattern of denying your own needs. Whew, isn’t that a childhood script for some of us!

The world is changing swiftly beneath our feet, so it is important to instill habits and choices that allow us to feel grounded and secure. Food is one of the best remedies for this, and root foods like sweet potatoes, onions, beets, garlic, russet potatoes, radishes, and carrots are all brilliant additions to your diet now. We need to feel full, grounded, and satisfied as a means to having the strength and adaptability to face the current times. Having low blood sugar and a spaced-out brain chemistry will not get you where you need to go. It also creates a vulnerability in your electro-magnetic field, and this cannot be allowed. Keep a little zip-lock bag of trail mix or some other protein-based snack in your purse, car, or wherever, and never let yourself be out of healthy options.

As the world is changing swiftly before us, know that one of your best insurances for emotional well-being are your friends, aligned family members, and community. We need to have a safe space to share, laugh, cry, and celebrate together as we move forward into the new year.

As a child I grew up in N.Y.C., and I was not too happy about that. My salvation was my Girl Scout troop, because every week we would gather together and learn something new, have a craft project, or plan an outing. Working on the merit badges gave me a sense of self-worth,

particularly as I navigated difficult family dynamics. I could feel proud of myself, and no tall and shadowy gaze of disapproval could take that away. 

My fondest memories are of sitting around the campfire and singing songs, toasting marshmallows, and telling scary stories! There is something healing that happens in the camaraderie of a festive gathering that no amount of vitamins in the world can create.       Breathe deep, and get yourself there.

May you believe in yourself, and may your power of prayer be the guiding force that carries you above the turmoil, and into the arms and shelter of all that is safe, secure, and kind.              

Happy Holidays, and peace to all, light to all, love to all.

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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