Solstice Bazaar

The Solstice Bazaar offers vendors a place to offer quality goods and services that support the 3HO lifestyle. The bazaar space is open to the public throughout the event and host other activities including meals.

If you would like to offer your services or products in our bazaar, please read the following information. If you have questions, please email us here.

General Bazaar Information
  • All Bazaar vendors must be registered participants of the Summer Solstice event.
  • Vendors are required to attend the whole event.
  • Day Pass registrants are not allowed to sell in the bazaar.
  • The Bazaar Application Process (see below) is separate from Event Registration. You must still register for the event.
  • Please complete your event registration within 2 weeks of the acceptance of your Bazaar Application, and no later than May 31, to insure that you receive a space.

Whether you are a new or returning bazaar vendor, please take a moment to review the registration information, pricing, and policies prior to registering for a bazaar space.


All Bazaar participants must fill out a Bazaar Vendor Application Form and must be approved before registering. We require this so that 3HO can review your product/service offerings to see if they are in alignment with the 3HO lifestyle and Summer Solstice.

All bazaar spaces require a code to purchase; these spaces can only be purchased if you have a code given to you directly from 3HO.

The Bazaar Vendor Application does not reserve a Bazaar space for you. Your space is reserved when you complete your Event Registration.

There are three form types: General, Healer, and Food Vendor.

All General vendors must fill out a General Bazaar Vendor Form here.

All Healers must fill out the Bazaar Healers Application Form (coming soon!)

All Food vendors must fill out a Food Vendor Application Form (coming soon!)

You will need to wait for a reply before you can register.

How to choose the right size space for your offering:

  • You may request to reserve up to two 8’ Spaces ($250 per), one 10×10 Space ($600) or one Draped Massage Table Space ($400 and for Healers only).
  • General (non-Healer-specific) spaces include at least one chair and one 8′ table.
  • Please be aware that the space boundaries may or may not be marked but in either case your area will be defined by your table[s] and you will know what you reserved. Please respect the spaces of others by staying within your marked or defined area.
  • If you have a massage table or a Thai massage pad, you must rent two spaces or a Draped Massage Table Space so as not to infringe on your neighbors’ spaces.
  • If you have a massage chair, you and your work will fit into one space.
  • If you are a healer and are also selling product, you are welcome to sell out of your healer space.
  • Bring your own lighting, electrical cords, décor, display cases, massage tables/chairs, clothing racks, etc. Please consult the Bazaar Policies for more detailed information.
  • Bazaar spaces include the use of electricity.
  • Note: There is no Wi-Fi provided for Solstice attendees or Bazaar vendors.
Bazaar Vendor Information
  • Registration for a bazaar space is on a first come, first served basis and available online only. 
  • Because the Bazaar is being housed in a new structure, vendors will not be able to choose the specific location of their space prior to the event.
  • We will not hold spaces so you will need to register as soon as possible after your application has been approved. Failure to do so within two weeks of being accepted might result in your space being given to another vendor.
  • Space is limited! You may request to reserve up to two 8’ Spaces ($250 per) or one 10’x10’ Space ($600) or one Draped Massage Table Space for Healers only ($400).
  • 8’ Spaces come with one 8-foot-long table and two chairs. A 10’x10’ Space will come with two 8-foot-long tables and two chairs. Additional tables and chairs may be available for an additional cost. Please email us with your interest only after your registration & payment process has been completed, and within 3 weeks of the event.
  • A 10’x10’ Space can accommodate your own 10’x10’ pop-up tent.
  • If a vendor purchases more than one space, they will be grouped together unless there are special circumstances previously arranged.

    Bazaar Policies

    • Bazaar vendors must register for the event and attend the whole event. Bazaar spaces are not available for day pass attendees.
    • Registration for space will be on a first-come, first-served basis and is available on-line only.
    • Reservations and payment for space in the Bazaar must be made online by May 30 by 5 p.m. MT.
    • If you need to cancel your attendance, please see our cancellation policy here
    • Vendors and their staff must be registered participants of the Solstice Sadhana Celebration and will need to check-in at the Registration Office before setting up in the bazaar.
    • Vendors should park in the general parking area.
    • The Bazaar Vendor Form does not reserve a Bazaar space for you. Your space is reserved when you complete your Event Registration.
    • The Bazaar Manager will have a list of all the vendors and healers and their spaces. In case of discrepancies, please have your event and bazaar registration receipt with you on-site.
    • Vendors must not display items or sell any products that could be considered divisive in nature.
    • Hours of operation: TBA 
    • Upon payment, we provide a booth space, table, chairs and electricity.
      • Please bring only low-wattage electronics, as the electrical grid will only support a limited draw.
      • Electric heaters are not permitted in the Bazaar.
    • Product/Service Suitability:
      • You will be required to fill out a Bazaar Vendor Form so that 3HO can review your product/service offerings to see if they are in alignment with the 3HO lifestyle and 3HO’s Solstice event. For example, sheepskins are appropriate, but not timeshares and multi-level marketing programs. We understand that there is not always a clear distinction. The Bazaar Vendor Form does not reserve a Bazaar space for you, your space will be reserved when you complete your Bazaar space registration.
      • 3HO International is not liable for services or products sold by vendors or healers in the bazaar. 3HO does not warrant or insure services or products sold by vendors or healers in the Bazaar. 
      • Vendors offering healing or alternative medical services or products are encouraged to obtain and maintain insurance for their services and products, because they will be personally liable for any harm caused by their services or products offered. Vendors may not represent their products or services as endorsed by 3HO International, or the Summer Solstice event.
    • No products with traces of THC will be permitted. You may offer products with other cannabinoids, such as THCA, CBC, CBG & CBGA.
    • e-Liquid / e-Juice / Vape Juice or other “Vape Products” are not permitted at any 3HO Solstice event site. Possession, sale or use of these products is against the Solstice Code of Conduct.
    • Marijuana, as well as any other intoxicant, is not permitted at any 3HO event. Smoking is also not permitted at any 3HO event.

    • 3HO International supports fundraising programs within the Bazaar only.
    • All fundraising programs must be based on a yogic lifestyle and must be approved by 3HO International.
    • If you have questions or want to request approval for fundraising, please submit a Bazaar Vendor Application and then contact Customer Service at [email protected]. In your email, please be specific about what you are fundraising for and how you plan to proceed.

By hosting vendors at the Bazaar, 3HO International is not responsible for unforeseeable occurrences which may interfere with or impair a vendor’s expected revenue or profit from the sale of products or services during the Summer Solstice event, including but not limited to, unforeseeable circumstances like bad conditions caused by weather or wind, by fire, failures in the electrical grid, failures in the tent facilities, muddy or wet surfaces at the site, illness or injury, law enforcement intervention, fire prevention/protection intervention, or any other governmental intervention. 3HO makes no guarantee of a minimum revenue or profit from participation by a vendor in the Bazaar. 

3HO is not liable for any circumstances beyond its control that may affect the venue and sales of the Bazaar (e.g., acts of god, weather, fire, flood, compromised tent structure).

3HO International cannot be responsible for any missing or stolen items. Plan appropriately to secure your merchandise through the use of tarps, utility clips or locking trunks according to your own judgment and keep all money in a safe place.

Please consult the full Bazaar Healers Policies here. (Coming Soon!)

Please consult the full Bazaar Food Vendor Policies here. (Coming Soon!)

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