Solstice Parent Cooperative

At Summer Solstice, people from all over the world gather together at Ram Das Puri to purify and uplift their consciousness on sacred land. Give your child the opportunity to dwell in that frequency, be free, learn and connect with their peers. Our Solstice parent cooperative welcomes families with children between the ages of 3-12, and teens should only attend camp if they have the maturity and desire to participate in the classes with their parents.

Solstice is a place where your children can connect to nature, unplug from electronics, spend more time with you and spend time with children from around the world.


With a much smaller camp this year, 3HO is changing the format for all ages of children. We are rebooting and shifting this year and during this transition we ask for your patience while we slowly rebuild.

This year, 3HO will not be providing childcare and parents are responsible for their own children. We will provide a special shaded shelter & playground, a swimming pool and toys/games for children aged 3-12 as well as a separate child friendly menu. 

There will be a certified lifeguard at the pool, but parents must not drop their children off at the pool, but be present with them.

We will have service exchange volunteers who can support parents and keep the toys and childrens shelter clean and organized.

Again, this year’s children’s facilities will be safe and fun – an opportunity for parents to spend time with other parents, children and supportive volunteers.

3HO is providing an environment for children to have fun with their friends and families, but we will not be providing childcare and parents are responsible for their own children.

We have in place the same policy as prior years, which is a single parent with a child of an age that requires supervision (12 and under) can not sign up for a management or service exchange position, but instead can join the parents karma yoga team, to be with other families and support each other in caring for your children.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service.

For families with kids up to 12yrs including Service Exchanges, Dharmic Employees and Scholarship parents.

Children’s Rates
Babies & Infants to 2 yrs: Free!
Youth Full Event, 3–12 yrs: $375
Youth Day Pass, 3–12 yrs: $108

Teens Announcement: please consider carefully before bringing your teen to Solstice. There is not an official teen program this year and your teen may be bored. Have they been to Solstice before and do they like attending adult yoga classes? If not, consider leaving your teen at home with a grandparent or another family member.

Parent Rates
Click here for the adult and senior rates.

When Arriving On-Site for Registration

  • Families entering the Registration Tent will go to the Family Registration Table.
  • The Parent Cooperative  Program registration and the On-site Check-In/Registration will be handled here for Families with children 12 and under.
  • Parents will give the Family Registration Team either their event ticket, last name or email address they used to register with and you will be checked-in with your children at that time.
  • Parent Badges will be with Adult Registration but Children’s Badges will be at the Family Registration Area.

The Kundalini 3HO House – For the Little Ones – For parents with nursing infants to toddlers, there is an air-conditioned space which provides a nurturing environment for parents and their small babies.

* A parent must accompany their child at all times when in the air-conditioned space. This area is for pregnant women and nursing mothers with children 2 years of age or under. This is not a drop-off program. There is no Co-Op program for children in this age group.

What to Bring*
The Solstice environment requires that each child has the following with them everyday:

  • A Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Hat or visor
  • Jacket
  • Swimsuit, towel & goggles
  • Sturdy closed-toed shoes; no sandals at Ram Das Puri
  • Sunscreen

Baby, Toddler & Pre-school (infant to 4)

  • Change of clothes
  • Diapers (SYC does not provide diapers)
  • Wipes

For parents with children between 3 and 12 years old, please attend at least one Parent Karma Yoga Meeting.

A morning activity is scheduled at this time. Please sign your children in and then come to the meeting. The meeting will take place in the Parent Karma Yoga Shelter in the children’s area.

Co-Op Parent Meetings are an opportunity to:

  • Join in the community of parenthood and connect with other parents
  • Practice the All Camp meditation
  • Ask any questions you might have about the program
  • Learn about your responsibilities as guides on the day you serve and other directives and information that will support your children’s experience at the event

Parent’s Karma Yoga:

All parents of children 3-12 years old, whether you have one or several children, should sign up for the Parents Karma yoga. You do not need to serve in another karma yoga camp area.

The Kundalini 3HO House: For elders, pregnant mothers and parents with babies, there is an air-conditioned area which provides a nurturing environment for parents and their children.

Hospitality: There is a Hospitality area at Solstice. If you’re new to Solstice, go to the Hospitality area for more information and any assistance you need. Same goes if you’re not new to Solstice!

Pool: There is an above ground pool at Ram Das Puri. It will be open during camp days for parents to enjoy with their children. The pool will be staffed with a certified lifeguard. Please check the program schedule for pool opening times.

You are welcome to bring your children to the pool, but you must stay with them whatever age they are.

Anyone found in the pool during unscheduled hours risks losing pool privileges for the remainder of the event. Repeated violations will result in the loss of your event pass without refund.

First Aid: There is a First Aid trailer on site. The First Aid trailer has items such as band-aids, sunscreen and eye drops. There are also nurses on duty/on-call at all times. For situations that require serious medical attention, First Aid will help you get to the nearest hospital, which is 30-minutes by car.

In addition to the camp breakfast and dinner meals, special consideration is provided to children,and nursing mothers for delicious vegetarian snacks and special lunches during the Solstice Youth Camp program. Menus change daily and include options for children with allergies to wheat, soy, and dairy.

Check your Program Guide when you arrive to find out where meals will be served.

Snack Menus: Snack Menus include juice, and two of the following: snack bars, cut up veggies and fruit, chips, crackers, Pirate’s Booty, string cheese, squeezable yogurt.

Lunch Menus: Lunch Menus include pasta (GF options available) with tomato sauce, veggie dogs, burritos, tofu sandwiches, and make-your-own tacos.

Lunch is always served with juice and two of the above snack items.

Lunch and snacks for children are served on all days of the course.

  • Youth 12 years or under must be accompanied by a parent or acting guardian who is over 25 years of age.
  • A Registration and Release Form must be signed for all children between the ages of 1-12 by a parent. Please print, complete, and bring this form with you to Solstice.
  • In the event that a youth or teen is accompanied by an acting guardian, parents must sign and have notarized an Acting Guardian Authorization Form. Please print, complete, and bring this form with you to Solstice.
  • Youths 12 or under without a parent or guardian will not be allowed entrance into camp and parents will be called to pick the child up.

Please contact us with any questions, suggestions, comments or concerns.

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