Summer Solstice Rates

3HO International’s Summer Solstice is a 5-day spiritual gathering in the high desert mountains of New Mexico. It is a rare opportunity to cleanse the mind, go beyond ego and feel your spirit soar.

The Summer Solstice festival includes Kundalini Yoga and Meditation workshops, two days of deep meditation through The 21 Stages of Meditation, morning Sadhana, kirtan and music concerts, time to connect and serve each other and the uplifting energy of conscious community.

What this festival offers you:

  • A global Kundalini Yoga gathering
  • An opportunity to get back to the basics, with rustic basic tent camping (with limited cabin options available)
  • Simplified living for a connection to the earth, nature, ourselves, and community
  • A time to take a break from technology (recharge YOUR inner battery!)
  • Healthy yogic vegetarian food to detox the system, release old habits and reset the digestive system
  • Connection with other Kundalini Yoga practitioners
  • An opportunity to learn and dive deeper into yoga and meditation, while recharging and reconnecting with yourself and others
  • An inner journey on powerful and healing New Mexico land
  • Continued healing and inspiration, as we move forward in reconnecting with the Kundalini Yoga community
  • In 2023, White Tantric Yoga® is NOT included in the price of Solstice. It is being offered as a 1-day White Tantric course with separate registration. Click here to learn more and register. If you register for Summer Solstice and wish to also attend White Tantric Yoga®, please keep in mind that you will receive a discount code for WTY in your Summer Solstice confirmation email. Use this code when you register for a special discount!
Registration Fees
Full Event Pass
( Early Bird Rate)
$770 (until April 15)
$850 (from April 16 – 30)
$890 (from May 1 – 31)
Full Event Pass
(Regular Rate)
Full Event Pass
*For attendees coming from outside the USA.
Day Pass
*Day passes are from 9:00 a.m. on the day of the pass until morning Gurdwara is over the following day. You may camp on-site the evening of your Day Pass. The pass includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day of the pass.
Youth Pass

*This pass is for children ages 3–12. Babies & infants to 2yrs are free.




Youth Day Pass

*This pass is for children ages 3–12. Babies & infants to 2yrs are free.

Senior Pass
*This pass is for attendees 70+ years old.
Teacher Pass
*This pass is for anyone teaching at Summer Solstice.
Bazaar Vendor Pass
*For pre-approved bazaar vendors.
Service Exchange Pass
*This pass is for people who qualify to do the work program in exchange for Solstice.
Accommodation Add-ons

Camping upon the beautiful land of Guru Ram Das Puri keeps us connected to the Earth and to the Solstice energy. Most attendees bring their own tents and camping gear. Please set up your tent in the designated tenting areas. There is no additional charge for tenting. However, if you wish to stay at a different type of accommodation, there are a few extra options:

Single Cot in Morgan Cabin - $268

Morgan Cabins are available to seniors and those with disabilities ONLY.

Single Bunk in Adobe Cabin - $268

Each Adobe Cabin has 4 bunk beds (8 bunks) per cabin. They are located approximately 3/10 mile from the center of camp.

RV Space - Vehicle 24-Feet and Over - $314

RV Spaces are available only for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and special needs circumstances.

RV Space - Vehicle Under 24-Feet - $214

RV Spaces are available only for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and special needs circumstances.

Single Cot in a Two-Person Shared Tent - $238

Select this option if you would like to rent a tent from 3HO. Keep in mind that purchasing a single cot means that you will be sharing a tent with one other person of the same gender.

Group Tent - $446

The group tent includes two cots and plenty of room for luggage and/or children.

Can't Join Us This June

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