June 14-22, 2024

3HO International’s Summer Solstice is a 9-day spiritual gathering in the high desert mountains of New Mexico. It is a rare opportunity to cleanse the mind, go beyond ego and feel your spirit soar.

The Summer Solstice festival includes Kundalini Yoga and Meditation workshops, three days of deep meditation through White Tantric Yoga®, morning Sadhana, kirtan and music concerts, time to connect and serve each other and the uplifting energy of conscious community.

“We want strength once a year to prove to our own selves how much we love each other. We want our gathering to be together. We want to see each other. We want to meet each other. We want to sing together. We want to face each others’ difficulties. We want to help each other. We want to love each other. We want to understand each other. We want to practice the mantra, Keep Up.” ~ Yogi Bhajan, June 18, 1973

What to Expect:

  • A global Kundalini Yoga gathering with 3 days of White Tantric Yoga®
  • An opportunity to get back to the basics, with rustic tent camping and limited cabin options available
  • An inner journey on powerful healing New Mexico land
  • Simplified living for a connection to the earth, nature, yourself, and community
  • A break from technology (recharge your inner battery!)
  • Healthy yogic vegetarian food to detox and reset the digestive system
  • Connection with other Kundalini Yoga practitioners
  • An opportunity to dive deeper into yoga and meditation, while recharging and dropping old habits

Summer Solstice Overview

Summer Solstice is a transcendent experience of being together and supporting each other in a spiritual practice – a Sadhana. We come together to practice a healthy, happy, and sustainable way of life. 3HO International’s Summer and Winter Solstice festivals enable us to come together in community and support each other to live consciously, to be who we are, and live our truth.

The Solstice experience gives us a chance to change our patterns and test ourselves. As we evolve as a community, how can we nurture one another and find a way to bring forward the most universal parts of this path: Seva, giving, serving, and practicing together to strengthen and support one another in the tests of this world.

Let’s come together as a spiritual community and experience the joy of being in community and serving each other!

“Let us shake the planet with our character, with the rays of our molecules which are pure and pious.  Let beauty, bounty and bliss, be your reward of this human life, and you, let you live forever and ever and carry the flag of the Age of Aquarius to its completion.
You have the next five thousand years to be tested.  Walk steadily, firmly and with a simple thought, ‘Happy am I, healthy am I, holy am I,’ with that purity, let you go to the essence of what God is.” ~ Yogi Bhajan, founder of 3HO

We invite you to click on the tabs below to briefly learn about elements of the Summer Solstice festival.

What Makes Summer Solstice Unique?

Spiritual Community
One of the most exciting, inspiring, and fun aspects of Solstice is experiencing the love and support of the spiritual community that gathers together for deep transformational work. You will make new friends and rekindle longtime relationships. The depth of these connections is powerful and reconnects you to your own purpose and life work.
A Drug/Alcohol/Smoke-Free Camp

Keeping your consciousness clear and uplifted enhances the transformational experience of Solstice and this is an opportunity to help your body cleanse. Summer Solstice is a drug-free, alcohol-free, and smoke-free camp.

Healthy, Cleansing Vegetarian Diet

The Solstice Diet is a unique opportunity to simplify food and live in connection with the earth, deepening into the ability to meditate. While it may appear to be very simple, the body and soul crave the opportunity to cleanse and renew. This menu is crafted to give you the best opportunity to engage fully in the meditative experience and the yogic practices. Read more about the menu and recipes here.

The Experience of Seva

Seva is an energy practice, like any kriya or meditation, with the power to transform the practitioner and the world. There are so many ways to practice — through random acts of kindness, volunteering your time, giving of your gifts in the ways that are right for you. It could be a smile, it could be an endowment. We respond to the world with an open heart and willingness to serve a greater good, to do what is needed.

Summer Solstice is an opportunity to experience the joy of service or Seva at the event by participating on a daily basis in helping with some of the basic needs of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information/Logistics

Summer Solstice takes place at Guru Ram Das Puri outside of Española, New Mexico, about 35 miles north of Santa Fe. This sacred land is located in the Jemez Mountains at an altitude approaching 7,000 feet. Guru Ram Das Puri is surrounded for miles by forest of extraordinary natural beauty.

In the high desert, days are hot and dry, but temperatures can drop dramatically in the evening and early morning. At this altitude, it is very important to use sun protection. Protect yourself as you would if you were at the beach on a very hot, bright summer day. It often takes two or three days to acclimate to this environment and the best way to manage your adjustment is to remain well hydrated. Bring a water bottle and carry it around with you. Water alone is not always sufficient to rehydrate a dehydrated person, so we offer our special electrolyte drink made with water, lemon juice, orange juice concentrate, and salt. Please also remember that water will help your body assimilate the emotional and physical changes you will be experiencing. The temperature during the day is usually in the high 80s and low 90s°F (28-35°C). In the evenings, the temperature cools down considerably to the low 40s and 50s°F (15-20°C). You will need warm clothes for morning Sadhana, so we suggest you dress in layers. Sudden rainstorms can occur so be sure to bring rain gear.

We understand that computers and cell phones are part of the Aquarian Age. During the event we ask that you consider the sacred atmosphere we are creating at Summer Solstice. Please choose to be discreet about usage. If you must use a cell phone, please use discretion. Reception at the Solstice site is spotty at best. We require that you please turn off your phones during all workshops, classes, meditations, and concerts. We do not provide WiFi or internet connection; it is recommended that you leave your computers at home. 3HO International is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

The Summer Solstice Code of Conduct is as follows:

  • Summer Solstice is a drug-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free vape and e-cig free camp. Additionally, Summer Solstice is a vegetarian and meat free environment.
  • While we share in the love for our animal friends, please do not bring your pets. We cannot accommodate them on site.
  • Please leave your environment cleaner than when you arrived. We ask that you “pack it in and pack it out” (if you brought it in, please take it with you when you leave). However, compost, recycle and landfill containers are provided to serve you.
  • Please turn off cell phones and all other personal electronics before participating in morning Sadhana, and all classes.
  • Summer Solstice is a vegetarian event and non-vegetarian foods are not permitted including eggs and fish.
  • Flash photography is not permitted during morning Sadhana.
  • Candles, matches, incense and other combustible materials are prohibited at Summer Solstice unless they have been approved by 3HO for use in all-camp activities.
  • Criminal activity will not be tolerated. If you are suspected of criminal activity you will be investigated by 3HO staff and local law enforcement. If you are found guilty of criminal activity you may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and restricted from attending future 3HO events.
  • All-Camp quiet hours are 9:45pm-3:15am except in designated areas and with 3HO Administration approval.
  • No firearms or weapons are allowed on the premises, including Conceal Carry of handguns. Kirpans are allowed.
  • Clothing and wardrobe choices are encouraged to support a meditative practice. Revealing or transparent clothing are discouraged as this can be distracting for people in a meditative process.
  • Any conduct deemed inappropriate by 3HO may be grounds for dismissal from camp.
  • 3HO reserves the right to remove any participant not adhering to the camp Code of Conduct.
  • Please respect other’s boundaries and seek consent when looking to connect with others. This is an event for healing for many, and what each person needs for their healing is different. Asking for permission before seeking out a hug, emotional sharing or other intimate interaction shows your respect for the other person and makes the interaction that much more meaningful. Breaching of another’s personal boundaries is not acceptable
    at this event.

Yes, of course! We are pleased to welcome children of all ages to our event and offer Solstice Youth Camp.

Please label your luggage with the following information: Name, Phone Number, Email, and Home Address.

Please Note: Our event is located in the high desert mountains of Northern New Mexico. Temperatures in the day range from 85-100°F and at night 50-60° F. The setting is breathtaking and the air is dry. It can be very chilly in the morning so please bring layers! It often rains hard at least once.

  • Government issued Photo ID (passport, driver’s license, etc). This is needed to check-in at the event.
  • Your Confirmation Email from your registration (presenting this on your phone is best)
  • Close Toed Shoes (Not Sandals, for daily use)
  • Layered clothing appropriate for yoga practice, karma yoga, and relaxation is necessary for this desert climate hot days and cool evenings.
  • Hooded windbreaker
  • Hat (for both sun and cold) and gloves
  • Rain gear
  • Sleeping bag, or whatever kind of bedding you have to keep you warm. Adobe Cabin bunks contain a thin mattress; please bring your own bedding. Morgan Cabins have cots (to make it a little more comfy a twin blow up mattress is nice).
  • Headcover for Gurdwara and White Tantric Yoga®, if attending
  • Flip flops or shower shoes
  • Sheepskin or yoga mat
  • Warm blanket or shawl, and/or coat for morning sadhana
  • Toiletries (including sunscreen, lip balm, lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.) and towels, these items are not for sale on-site
  • Daypack to hold the things you will want to have with you over the course of each day. Please remember to keep valuables with you at all times, 3HO is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Flashlight with spare batteries
  • White cotton clothing and white cotton head covering for White Tantric Yoga®, if attending.
  • Cup or travel mug (for hot and cold beverages), and cloth napkins. *This year we are using compostable cups/bowls for food serving
  • Water bottle
  • First Aid supplies (band-aids, tweezers, aspirin/ibuprofen/acetaminophen, etc.)
  • Almond Oil (to lubricate dry nostrils and skin)
  • Feminine product supplies
  • For those tenting, please bring a waterproof tent with a rain flap. Although rain is not common it does happen and when it does it can be torrential.
  • Earplugs

To help maintain the health and long life of the Earth, we are conscious of preserving the ecological balance on-site. Please keep this in mind as you select items to bring with you.

  • Please do not bring any aerosol sprays
  • Use items that have only a minimum of disposable packaging.
  • Any flammable materials including candles, incense, lighters, and matches.

Back by popular demand! There will be three days of White Tantric Yoga®, a premiere meditation course. Find out more about their global offerings here.

Yes. If you meet the criteria for consideration you may apply for a Financial Aid scholarship to help defray the cost of the Summer Solstice registration fee.

The Financial Aid program has been closed for Summer Solstice as of June, 5th, 2024.

If your children are over the age of 18, you are eligible for Service Exchange. If your children are under the age of 18, you must have a partner or significant other over the age of 25 attending the event with you who will be responsible for the care of your children to be considered for Service Exchange. In some cases, individuals with children may apply for an Exchange in the Solstice Youth Camp area.

You cannot stay on site prior to or after the event is closed, but you can find accommodations at motels in the area. Click here for off-site accommodations nearby.

3HO International encourages you to record your experiences at Solstice through filming and photography. We are happy for you to share your reflections of Solstice, and we consider this to be a valuable way of communicating the joy and vibrancy of our community. Please be sensitive to the privacy of others, use your intuition to decide whether you are being intrusive or not. We also need your consent to share the words and images that our Photography Team records during the event. Please review the guidelines for Filming and Photography so that issues of privacy and copyright are well understood. You will be required to sign this consent and release/liability form at on-site registration:

“By signing below, I allow 3HO International to include my recorded or transcribed personal testimonial, or excerpts from it, as well as photographs and/or videos of me and/or my children (the “Testimonial(s)”) in 3HO’s promotional materials (the “Material(s)”). I agree that 3HO may tape and photograph me and/or my children and record my voice and conversation during and in connection with the Testimonial (the “Recording”). I also understand that there is no payment due to me in connection with my Testimonial or Recording. I agree that 3HO shall be the author and the exclusive owner of all copyrighted and other rights in and to such Testimonial and Recording. I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, any statements made by me in the Testimonial and Recording will be true and will not violate or infringe upon any third party’s rights.”

Attendees are prohibited from taking pictures or recording (video or audio) teachers, classes, workshops, and White Tantric Yoga® exercises without prior consent. In the event cameras and audio/video recorders are being used in violation of this requirement, we reserve the right to take possession of the tape(s), film(s), disc(s), and if necessary, equipment.

Yes! One of our top priorities is providing the opportunity for everyone to experience group Sadhana every morning in the Amrit Vela (the ambrosial hours between 3–7 am) so late night activities are limited. All music, evening activities, and the bazaar end by 9:50 pm, and lights out in the camp is at 10:00 pm.

In case you need to cancel your registration, please refer to the cancellation policy provided here.

There will not be any weddings at Summer Solstice 2024.

Travel Information

Summer Solstice is held at Guru Ram Das Puri just outside of Española, New Mexico. You can choose to drive to the Solstice site or take an independent shuttle service from the Albuquerque International Sunport (airport). You must make arrangements directly with them. If you arrive in New Mexico before the scheduled arrival day or miss the last shuttle departure time from the airport, you will need to make arrangements to either stay in a hotel, or find alternative means of transportation. Please do not arrive at Guru Ram Das Puri before the scheduled arrival day. Please read the specific Travel Information regarding how to schedule your itinerary and arrange for transportation assistance to the site.

Most people traveling to the Guru Ram Das Puri campsite for Summer Solstice fly to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and take a shuttle from the airport to the camp. If you are taking a shuttle, please make your reservation ahead of time and arrive at least thirty minutes before your shuttle departs. The largest airport in the vicinity is the Albuquerque International Sunport in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This major airport is a 1½-hour drive to the town of Española, and another 1/2 hour drive to the campsite. (Airport Code: ABQ) There is also a smaller municipal airport located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is about a 45 minute drive from Española and another 1/2 hour drive from the campsite. (Airport code: SAF).

No. Attendees are responsible for negotiating their arrangements.

Click here for directions from the Albuquerque Airport.

You can also use MapQuest or Google Maps to map your own driving directions to Española, New Mexico.

The final 8 mile approach to Guru Ram Das Puri is a dirt, forest service road labeled 31 Mile Road on most maps. The safe speed limit on 31 Mile Road is 20 mph. The road is used regularly by large trucks and may be patrolled by law enforcement officers who will give tickets for speeding. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY on this portion of your trip.

Driving Directions from Albuquerque

  • Take I-25 North towards Santa Fe.
  • Upon entering Santa Fe city limits, take St. Francis Drive/Highway 285 Exit. Drive through Santa Fe on Hwy 285/84 towards Española (approximately 25 miles).
  • There are two options:
  • Prior to reaching Santa Fe you will see a sign on the right for Rt. 599, this will by-pass the city; go approximately 15 miles and then the road forks and you will see a sign that directs you to go straight for Espanola, or to the right for Santa Fe. Follow direction to Espanola and this will bring you onto 285/84. OR:
  • In the town of Española, Hwy 285/84 turns into Riverside Drive. Follow Riverside Drive until you come to Fairview Road (there is a Bank of America on your left and Walgreens on your right). Turn left onto Fairview. The next stoplight (across the bridge) is Paseo de Onate.
  • Go through the light at Paseo de Onate where Fairview Road changes its name to Industrial Park Road.
  • Make your first right on Calle de la Merced. This will become a dirt road. Continue on this road for approximately 8 miles. Guru Ram Das Puri will be on your right.
Health and Safety

After consultation on best practices for health and safety in these times of continuing impact of COVID-19, we have implemented the following protocols:

  • 3HO will be following any and all State of New Mexico COVID-19 guidelines that are in place in June 2024.
  • Summer Solstice is open to registered attendees only. You must register prior to your arrival to the event. We will be unable to accommodate walk-in guests.
  • Vaccination is not required, but encouraged.
  • All staff members are vaccinated against COVID-19. Staff are trained on best practices to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and other transmittable diseases.
  • 3HO International will utilize cleaning products that meet EPA guidelines and are effective against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. Our cleaning practices will exceed State of New Mexico requirements.
  • Common areas will be frequently cleaned and sanitized.
  • 3HO International will have COVID-19 test kits available on-site. If you are feeling ill and test positive during the event, we will ask you to depart the site. For this reason, you may want to consider purchasing trip insurance. 

This facility is a campsite with hills and rustic terrain. There will be a van available with a limited schedule for people with mobility issues, however, as it is a rustic campsite with uneven ground it is not recommended for individuals in wheelchairs.

3HO only allows registered service animals on site.

3HO permits registered service animals to accompany people with disabilities in all areas where members of the public are allowed to go. Registered service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered. Please bring your animal’s credentials and show it to the Registration/Check-in team.

Head straight to the First Aid building. Please be sure to drink plenty of liquids and electrolytes while at the event. It is very dry and you may not realize it if you are getting dehydrated. It is also helpful to bring your own Emergen-C or similar brand packets to help stay hydrated and to replenish minerals.

Every year we hire the Rio Arriba County Sheriff Department to provide onsite security at our event. In the case of an emergency, a reported theft, or any other criminal activity we will report to the onsite deputy on duty. We also staff a volunteer Security Service Exchange team that monitors the flow of traffic in and out of camp, roams the camp area and the bazaar, and is available to respond to emergency situations and to communicate with the authorized deputy concerning actionable events. 3HO International is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please secure valuables in your vehicle or keep them on your person in a small back pack during the day. We will do our utmost to help you recover lost or stolen property, but you are solely responsible for your own possessions, please keep this in mind when you are packing for the event.

Please leave your environment cleaner than when you arrived. We ask that you “pack it in and pack it out” (if you brought it in, please take it with you when you leave). However, compost, recycle, and landfill containers are provided to serve you. Summer Solstice takes place on the sacred land of Guru Ram Das Puri.

Each year at the start of Solstice, the management team is educated by the Española Fire Department on protocol in the event of a fire. We take this training annually to remind ourselves of the potential for fire and how to respond and take care of the Solstice community. The Española Fire Department is aware and alert to our event each year. As a participant, you contribute to fire safety by remembering that all personal fires and cook fires including candles, matches, cigarettes, incense, and other combustible materials are prohibited at Guru Ram Das Puri.

To maintain your meditative experience, please avoid going off-site. If you do need to go off-site, you must bring your Solstice badge which you will need to show to the Parking and/or Security Team when coming and going. Participants under the age of 18 cannot leave unless chaperoned by their parent or legal guardian. Note: This policy has been created for your safety and so that the Solstice team can be aware of who is on-site or off-site in the case of an emergency.

We have very basic first-aid facilities at the Guru Ram Das Puri campsite. An emergency hospital is approximately 25 minutes away in Española. If you are on medication please make sure you bring an adequate supply with you, and continue with your medication use as prescribed by your doctor. Medical doctors, chiropractors, and other health professionals are available on site to provide first aid for acute medical conditions. If you have any special health needs or are taking any medications, please fill out our Adult Medical Form.

Please be certain to bring your proof of proper Medical Insurance or money in case of major medical emergency. If you have any specific concerns regarding how this activity may affect your health, please consult your physician before your program begins.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service. Please Note: Kundalini Yoga is a powerful ancient tradition, but should not be used as a substitute for regular or necessary medical care or prescribed medications.

Housing and Food

Camping on-site (with your own tent) is included in your Solstice registration fee.

Most attendees bring their own tents and camping gear. Please set up your tent in the designated tenting areas. There are three main tenting areas:

Tantric Hill: This is our largest tenting area. This area has a shower facility, and is the closest to the Tantric Shelter. It is on a hill and is open and exposed to wind and dust, please make sure to stake down your tent properly. Tantric Hill is the most convenient area for attending morning Sadhana. It is also the farthest away from the camp generators, so it is generally quiet at night. There is a designated area for seniors camping near the Tantric Shelter.

Shakti Valley: The valley is the quietest tenting area and has a shower facility. It is also somewhat protected from wind and dust. Camping here means you have to walk up a hill to get to the main camp area and the Tantric Shelter.

Water Tower: This area is traditionally a family tenting area has a shower facility. This is the area where, traditionally, children and their families would camp so this area can be noisy. Water Tower area is conveniently located close to camp. It is a short walk down hill to attend classes and morning Sadhana. Although also on a hill, this area tends to be somewhat sheltered from wind.

Yes – attendees must provide their own bedding and camping equipment (tent with rain fly).

Tent Set-Up will not be available for 2024. Please make arrangements prior to arriving in case you need assistance. A devoted group of Karma Yogis will be available to serve you! Our Tent Set-up Service is available free to seniors and yogis with disabilities. The Tent Set-up Crew will also serve others in need of assistance for a donation.

If you don’t want to bring your own tent, there will be rental tents available for a fee. Please check the travel/stay page for more information.

  • Note: Tent rental locations will be assigned by our setup team onsite. You will not be able to choose where your rental tent is located.
  • There are two cots per tent (no mattresses or bedding) with space for luggage, etc. Only two adults to a tent. If purchasing the whole tent, children may stay in the tent as well.
  • Each tent will be set up prior to your arrival.
  • Reserve the cot when you register on-line for the event (select “Add-On”).
  • Shower and toilet facilities are nearby.

All cabins have basic sleeping accommodations including a mattress. All cabins do not have electricity, air conditioning, running water, or bathrooms. Bathroom and shower facilities are nearby. Please bring your own bedding. All bunks spaces are sold for an extra fee.

Morgan Cabins have cots in them and there are only 4 people to a cabin. They are designated for seniors and special needs attendees. They are located approximately 2/10 of a mile from the Main Teaching Shelter.

Adobe Cabins are open to everyone, except for bottom bunks in most cabins that are reserved for seniors (55+) and participants with disabilities. Each cabin room has four bunk beds (8 bunks). They are located approximately 3/10 of a mile from the Tantric Shelter.

These spaces are reserved for seniors 55+, and special needs attendees.

Please check the Travel/Stay page for info on prices.

  • Available only for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and special needs circumstances.
  • 19 spaces available.
  • Registered RV/5th Wheel parking spot recipients will be issued a parking permit when checking-in at Registration Trailer.
  • Only registered RVs/5th Wheels will be allowed to park at Guru Ram Das Puri.
  • Please be advised that there are no water or electric hookups.
  • No generators are allowed to run between 10:00 p.m. and 3:45 a.m.
  • If your vehicle is a van or truck-bed camper that fits in a standard size parking spot, you may park in the parking area at no additional cost.

If you are unable to tent due to health or other reasons, there are some hotels in Española about 25 minutes from Guru Ram Das Puri. Click here for more information about hotel accommodations.

Other options are studios/rooms located in Española near the Hacienda Guru Ram Das Ashram. For details, visit the Hacienda de Guru Ram Das Ashram website or LYF.

The Solstice diet is a simple, nutritious, and cleansing yogic vegetarian diet (much of the diet is vegan). This diet is designed to support the Solstice experience. For most, this diet is easily digestible and alkaline and supports the Solstice cleansing process. It is highly supportive of the glandular and nervous systems.

Due to COVID-19, we are shifting to compostable plates/utensils. But please do bring a reusable mug for Yogi Tea. 

The Menu

Breakfast: A potato, celery, and onion soup is served with bananas and oranges on the side.

Lunch: Quinoa tabouli, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, tortillas. A gluten free tortilla is available.

Dinner: Mung beans and rice with lettuce, steamed beets and carrots, and hot sauce served on the side. A special meal is served for dinner on the night before camp ends.

Yogi Tea: Yogi Tea, with one vegan option, will be served twice daily. There are also hot water and alternative Yogi Tea options provided all day long.

For more information on the Solstice diet (including recipes!), click here

We do not have the kitchen capacity to be able to assist with special needs diets. Every meal served has both vegan and gluten-free options.

There will be three meals a day: Breakfast at 7:30-8:30am, Lunch at 12:30-1:30pm, and Dinner at 5:30-6:30pm.

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