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Aura: The 7th Body

By Nirvair Singh

The seventh of the ten bodies is the Auric Body. There is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the body which includes the arc line, the radiant body, and the subtle body. When people refer to 'aura' they're talking about this energy field.

Everybody has an aura and everybody can see auras. I did the Dribh Drishti Lochina Karma Kriya meditation for an hour a day for 40 days back in the '70's, and I began to see auras. I realized it wasn't that big a deal. It takes some effort for me to do it now. I see auras all the time, but to get a good fix, it takes some concentration and some perception change.

I rely more on my intuition and through interpreting body language to determine what a person's up to. You don't have to see a blue-green field and ask, "What does that mean?" You don't have to see swirling blood-red clouds and black thunderbolts. I mean, the person's having a bad day, right? And you knew that already. So, I decided after I was able to see auras that I didn't need to see in order to understand.

The aura is an energy field that surrounds you. It's somewhere between three feet and nine feet—that makes you human. Everyone has an aura of at least three feet, probably five to seven feet. Auras of nine feet are fairly rare.

The advantages of having a strong aura are manifold. One advantage is that you are able to uplift people that are around you. When you find someone with a big aura, you want to be around them because they are charismatic, kind, compassionate, nurturing, and uplifting. lt feels good to be with them. And they take everybody with them wherever they go. It's like, "Hop on and have a free ride."

When the aura is small, usually the people are crabby and negate upliftment. If you're reading this, your aura is probably not small. First of all, you can hear what I'm saying and not run away. After the first few sentences of this type of information, someone with a weak or shrunken aura will be hiding, denying or discounting and negating upliftment.

Another sign of a strong aura is that you can be who you are. You can listen to what I'm saying here and make up your own mind about it. People with weaker auras tend to always get along by going along. They do what is expected of them; what their parents want them to do, want them to be. They play it safe with their friends by wearing the same clothes or thinking and saying the same thoughts. They are unwilling to stand out or be outstanding. That's what a strong aura is—you can stand out; you can be yourself.

It's good to keep the aura strong if you're in a helping profession. Nurses, teachers, parents need strong auras. If you deal with the public a lot or are in a helping profession, you need to strengthen your aura on a regular basis, because you do get drained over a period of time. Kundalini Yoga exercises for the aura are good for keeping your aura strong, and for renewing and rejuvenating your aura.

By the way, wearing white clothes will give you an extra 12 inches of aura. So it's a therapy and a tool to be used as well. That's why I wear white to teach; I need that extra aura for my purposes.

Water is good for the aura. Any time you drink water or eliminate water from the body, it changes the emotions. Also physically getting into water is cleansing for the aura.

I knew a man who was this heavy duty business man. He had a baby daughter who was the light of his life. The problem was, when he'd come home from work, his daughter would take one look at him and burst into tears and run away. It just freaked him out big time. It was suggested to him that, when he goes home, instead of greeting his daughter, first off he should take a shower. He did that, and the child was always delighted to see him. So, water can really change the energy fields.

Excerpt from “Seventh Body – Auric Body” from The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness by Nirvair Singh Khalsa, available through KRI. Reprinted with permission.

Nirvair Singh Khalsa began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1971. He is a retired University Instructor at the University of Alaska Anchorage where he taught classes in Kundalini Yoga for 31 years. He has authored nineteen best selling DVD's/Videos and four books on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. ( He has also taught classes, workshops and trainings throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Currently he is the CEO and President of The Kundalini Research Institute. He is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 certified teacher trainer. He lives with his wife of 40 years, Nirvair Kaur, in Tesuque New Mexico.