Winter Solstice Rates

3HO International’s Winter Solstice is a 6-day spiritual gathering on the shore of the magnificent Tiger Lake in Lake Wales, Florida. It is a rare opportunity to cleanse the mind, go beyond ego and feel your spirit soar.

The Winter Solstice festival includes Kundalini Yoga and Meditation workshops, a new course named Clearing Past Relationships, White Tantric Yoga® (WTY), morning Sadhana, Gurdwara, kirtan and music concerts, time to connect and serve each other and the uplifting energy of conscious community.

What this festival offers you:

  • A global Kundalini Yoga gathering
  • An opportunity to get back to the basics, with rustic basic tent camping (with cabin bunk bed options available)
  • Simplified living for a connection to the earth, nature, ourselves, and community
  • A time to take a break from technology (recharge YOUR inner battery!)
  • Healthy yogic vegetarian food to detox the system, release old habits and reset the digestive system
  • Connection with other Kundalini Yoga practitioners
  • An opportunity to learn and dive deeper into yoga and meditation, while recharging and reconnecting with yourself and others
  • Continued healing and inspiration, as we move forward in reconnecting with the Kundalini Yoga community
  • White Tantric Yoga® offered in a trauma informed format OR a new course named Clearing Past Relationships.
Registration Fees (Full Event)
Adult Pass

(18 yrs. old and older)

$750 (until August 31)
$850 (from Sept 1–Oct 16)
$899 (from Oct 17–Nov 30)
$980 (from Dec 1 until event)

* Includes 2 hours of Karma Yoga each day

International Pass

(For attendees traveling from outside the USA)

$590 (until August 31)
$630 (from Sept 1–Oct 16)
$660 (from Oct 17–Nov 30)
$690 (from Dec 1 until event )

* Includes 2 hours of Karma Yoga each day

Children & Youth Pass

(3–17 yrs. old) 


*Children’s rates do not increase after the early registration deadline.

Senior Pass

(70+ yrs. old)

$590 (until August 31)
$630 (from Sept 1–Oct 16)
$660 (from Oct 17–Nov 30)
$690 (from Dec 1 until event)
Service Exchange Pass

(For pre-approved Service Exchanges)

$400 (until Nov 30)
$425 (from Dec 1 until event) 

Manager Pass

(For pre-approved Managers)


*Apply here.

Adult “Retail” Pass

*This price shows the value of the service exchange, sevadars & karma yogis. This would be the actual cost of this event WITHOUT our incredible community volunteering during the event. The contributions made by our service exchange & karma yogis help us meet our mission & values of yoga for everyone at an accessible price.

Teacher Pass

(For pre-approved teachers who are teaching at Winter Solstice)


*Use your IKYTA membership for an additional discount of $50!

* Includes 2 hours of Karma Yoga each day

Bazaar Vendor Pass

(For pre-approved Bazaar vendors)


*Apply here.

* Includes 2 hours of Karma Yoga each day

Financial Aid Pass

(For pre-approved candidates)


*Apply here.

* Includes 2 hours of Karma Yoga each day

Note: All rate changes come into effect starting 12:00 AM PT, the night of the deadline (for example: If you register at the Adult Full Event Pass rate on the night of the deadline on Oct. 16th after 11:59PM PT you will have missed the earlier rate). If you need customer support while registering, our offices are open until 5:00PM MST, so please call.

For International Group Discount Rates read under International Travelers below.

Registration Fees (Day Passes)

Day passes are from 6pm the night before you are scheduled to attend until 9am the morning of the following day. In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the day of the pass, dinner will be provided after 6pm the night before and breakfast before 9am on the following day if you spend the night. You may camp on-site  the evening of your day pass and also the night before.

Adult & Senior
Day Pass

(Non-WTY Days: Dec.16–18)

$190 per day (17th or 18th)
$90 (16th: opening day)

* Includes 2 hours of Karma Yoga each day

Adult & Senior
WTY Day Pass

(White Tantric Yoga Days: Dec.19–21)

$250 per day
$715 all three days

* Includes 2 hours of Karma Yoga each day

Children & Youth
Day Pass

(3–17 yrs. old)

$108 per day


White Tantric Yoga® (WTY) starts by 8:30am, so you must check-in at the Registration Check-In Office between 7:00am and 8:00am.
For more information about all of this and more, please visit the dedicated WTY page here.
We will have limited abilities to register in-person SO PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE BEFORE, EVEN IF IT IS THE DAY-OF. PRE-REGISTERING ONLINE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. For more information about this, please visit here.

IKYTA Teacher Discount

International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA) current members qualify for an additional discount of $50 off the Adult Full Event Pass Registration Rate (if Service Exchange, Group, Scholarship, Day Pass or any other rate $550 or below, the IKYTA discount is not available). Please visit IKYTA if you are a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and subscribe today to become an IKYTA Professional Member in order to see your Discount Code.

International Travellers
  • Click here to apply for an International Group discount ($550 per person)
  • You must apply by November 24th and register by December 1st to receive the international group rate
  • Minimum of 5 members per group
  • Travelers from outside the U.S. must give an International address upon registration and show proof of international travel for this event (e.g. round trip airline ticket or stamped passport from Mexico) in order to obtain a discount. Tickets must be within 3 weeks prior to or after the event.
  • Service Exchanges and Financial Aid recipients are not eligible for any other discounts.
Payment options
  • All payments to 3HO Foundation should be made in U.S. funds
  • We accept all major credit cards PRIOR to coming to the event. Please come to the event with your ticket in hand, just like attending a concert or festival.
  • Please register in advance using a major credit card or Paypal. We avoid using cash onsite, although there may be some need for cash at the event such as some bazaar sales. Credit card use is encouraged. Thank you.
Accommodation Add-ons

Camping keeps us connected to the Earth and to the Solstice energy. Most attendees bring their own tents and camping gear. Please set up your tent in the designated tenting areas. There is no additional charge for tenting. However, if you wish to stay at a different type of accommodation, there are a few extra options. Please go to the Travel/Stay page for more details:

Cabins & Lodges - $280 per bed/$490-$560 for entire bunk

Cabins & Lodges have a capacity of up to 12 guests. Each cabin or lodge is equipped with a shower, toilet, sink, and hot and cold running water. Please bring your own towels, beddings and blankets/sleeping bags.

RV Space - Vehicle 24-Feet and Over - $314

RV Spaces are available only for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and special needs circumstances.

RV Space - Vehicle Under 24-Feet - $214

RV Spaces are available only for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and special needs circumstances.

We can't wait to see you for Summer Solstice 2024!

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