This 6 month Teacher Training is divided into 3 parts that will give you the experience you need for self transformation and to share the practice with others!


Setting you up for the big immersion – During the month of August you will receive access to the Student Platform and eBook materials, so you can begin on an independent exploration of the materials.

August 25-26 & September 8-9: Four live zoom sessions to meet the team, connect with the group, practice together and do some introductory classes.




September 17-October 7: Ananda Ubud Resort Bali

21 days of deep immersion, living in community, practicing the yogic lifestyle immersed in the teachings and supported by the training team. This is where most of the teaching takes place and also where you can start to practice teaching yourself!





Oct. 2023 – Feb. 2024: Bringing the teachings home, integrating the practice into your daily life with the support of a small group of peers and access to trainers. Once a month you will get to meet with your small group for an hour and a half of sharing and support: check in, meditate together, reflect on your practice, support each other with certification requirements. 

Feb. 2024: Closing Circle – Coming together as a group, sharing our experience on a zoom call to close the cycle.

Surrounded by the beautiful nature, paradisiac beaches, and calming gardens of Bali, you will find the personal healing that comes from exploring the depth of this ancient wisdom.

September 17 – October 7 2023: 21 consecutive days in-person immersion

+ 3 online sessions on:

August 25 & 26 and September 8 & 9 2023

February 24, 2024, 6-8:30 PST + Pre recorded content for self study