KRI Level One Kundalini Yoga
Teacher Training

Join top quality trainers from the renowned Kundalini Research Institute for a teacher training like no other, in one of the most spectacular retreat locations on earth. 

Have you experienced the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga? Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? Whether you’re interested in deepening your practice, becoming a teacher, or developing the spiritual skillset to thrive in these times, our 2023 KRI Level One Teacher Training: Destination Bali could be for you. 

Will you answer the call? 

This 21-day immersion is designed to help you develop the skills you need to become a certified instructor of Kundalini Yoga. Recognized by the official Kundalini Research Institute and Yoga Alliance, this 200-hour training is a hybrid of in-person learning and (5) pre-recorded, virtual modules. Your journey into this ancient wisdom takes place amidst the breathtaking beauty of Bali’s natural landscapes, pristine beaches, and tranquil gardens.  

Transformation unfolds within. 

Join a Community of like-minded yogis in paradise, immerse yourself in the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga, and uncover the healing that comes from time away while exploring its depths. Our professional and experienced teacher trainers will guide you every step of the way as you develop your skill set and deepen your practice. 

Are you in?


  • A 200-hr, KRI certified Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
  • A chance to study with top teachers from the only official training organization that for 50 years continues to share  the teachings of Kundalini Yoga 
  • An invitation to immerse yourself in Kundalini Yoga on the breathtaking land of Bali
  • A hero’s journey of remembrance and transformation from the inside-out
  • A deep dive into the unexplored corners of your consciousness 
  • A chance to deepen your practice and develop the skill set to share it with others
  • Nurture and rejuvenation for the mind, body, and spirit 
  • Connect with a vibrant and welcoming global community
  • Join this community of certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers and share this ancient art with your community 
  • Surrender to the enchanting beauty and tranquility of Bali and let your spirit soar! 


What are you waiting for? 

Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, you’ll gain tools to achieve greater confidence, clarity, and stability in your life. Whether you’re coping with trauma, chronic stress, or seeking spiritual stamina and personal growth, this program will catalyze an energetic shift that leaves you feeling empowered, energized and inspired. 

With a deep understanding of the scientific and psychological foundations of Kundalini Yoga, our experienced instructors will guide you through intentional practice that leads to personal healing and collective evolution.  Our international stands and certification levels assure the highest quality program in a spectacular location. 

Explore the natural wonders of this earthly realm while connecting with your cosmic self. The power of Kundalini Yoga and Mother Nature herself meet in this Level One Bali Immersion. Join us today and unlock the limitless potential that lies within you!

It’s Your Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this training is for everyone that wants to have a deep transformative experience. We recommend that you have taken at least 10 Kundalini Yoga classes, so that you are sure that you love the discipline and what it does for you.

This is an approximate schedule of a typical training day. We will also have some half days and full days off for you to enjoy some free time in the beautiful resort and surroundings.

5:00 am – Sadhana
7:30 am – Breakfast
8:30 am – Small group check-in
9:00 am – Course meditation
9:15 am – Class (Yoga, lecture, group activities, practicums)
10:45 am – Break
11:00 am – Class (Yoga, lecture, group activities, practicums)
12:45 pm – Lunch
2:00 pm – Class (Yoga, lecture, group activities, practicums)
3:45 pm – Break
4:00 pm – Class (Yoga, lecture, group activities, practicums)
6:30 pm – Dinner

The curriculum for the course includes:

  • History and Philosophy
  • Roots of Kundalini Yoga, The Golden Chain, The Spiritual Teacher
  • Sound and Mantra
  • Breath and Pranayam
  • Kriya, Asana, Mudra, Bhanda
  • Alignment and Postures
  • Mind and Meditation
  • Relaxation 
  • Sadhana
  • Western and Eastern Anatomy: Chakras, Nadis, Vays, 10 Bodies
  • Spiritual Development
  • Humanology, Diet and Yoguic Lifestyle
  • The Role of a Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Certification packets will be accepted between February 24, 2024 – March 31, 2025.

    • Do a 40 Day Personal Sadhana
    • Attend 20 Kundalini Yoga Classes 
    • Do 8 hours Seva/Volunteer of your choice
    • Participate in a 1 day of Intensive Meditative Practice or White Tantric Yoga Course
    • Write a 6 Kundalini Yoga classes curriculum
    • Write an 8 hour Workshop curriculum 
    • Perform satisfactorily in 2 student practicums and submit the practicum evaluations 
    • Participate in 5 morning Aquarian Sadhanas
    • Read, understand and sign the Code of Ethics (The Code of Ethics will be presented during the training and signed in person. If you would like to read it on your own click here.
    • Receive a passing grade on the final exam. 
    • 100% attendance is suggested. However the minimum attendance is 80%. If you do miss any session or portion of a session you will be given make up assignments.

Yes, this is an internationally recognized teacher training and it is also recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Certificates are mailed to your home address 6-8 weeks after submitting your certification package.

Scholarships for Seva

KRI is committed to making our courses as widely available as possible and we have a Scholarship Fund for each of our programs. Through KRI’s scholarship fund “Scholarships for SEVA”, we are offering a number of application opportunities. 

The intention is to help people around the world that need financial assistance to enroll in the program and continue their Teacher Training.

KRI offers a scholarship program that allows recipients to take the course and “pay it forward” by giving back to their communities through a service project that incorporates teachings and tools from the course.

Applicants will be asked to propose and briefly describe a project they will then develop within their community as a way of sharing the teachings.

Some examples of this are:

  • Teach 10 classes on a topic related to the course material
  • Lead a workshop in your workplace on the benefits of meditation
  • Write an article on the course topics to share with your community
  • Do an in-depth research paper to share with KRI’s community of trainers, teachers and students

These are some ideas, but the possibilities are endless and aligned with your own creative flow.

Application requirements & process:

  • Participate in 100% of the program.
  • Fill out this Scholarship Application by May 22, 2023. 
  • Receive communication of scholarship grant by May 26, 2023 
  • Develop your project in the 90 days after the course has ended(if the project requires more time, specify the end date)

KRI is looking to share with the community your individual projects so you will be asked to document it and send it in.

  • Scholarship recipients will be announced on May 26, 2023 . Recipients will have 72 hours to accept their scholarship. If we don’t hear within 72 hours, the scholarship will be granted to the next person on the list.
  • Your service project should be documented so that we can share it with the KRI community.

Deadline to apply: May 22, 2023.

*If you require additional support due to extreme financial challenges, please contact us at [email protected]

Work Exchange Opportunities

We offer a number of work exchange opportunities either on site at the Immersion or before and after the program as administrative support.

The work exchange opportunities are granted with a $600 discount in exchange for 20 hours of work on specific areas. 

If you are interested, please fill out the Work Exchange Application form by May 22, 2023.

Yes, payment plans are available for an additional $100 administration fee. You can register with an initial payment of $1,200 and the remainder balance is divided into the number of months between registration and September 1, 2023, which is when the course should be fully paid.

For all cancellations, KRI must receive your written request for a refund emailed to [email protected]

Program Cancellation Fees:

  • Between January 1 – August 3, 2023: $500 cancellation fee
  • Between August 3 – September 17, 2023: 50 % of Full Tuition will be refunded
  • There are no refunds after September 17, 2023

Yes! We love having teachers come back to our Level 1 Training Programs. There is definitely a lot to learn when you do the program again, with a new perspective from your teaching experience. Join us again with 50% off tuition. Please write to [email protected]

Yes! In the past, students have brought their partner or hired a nanny in Blai  to care for their children. Just be sure you can set up a schedule that will allow you to focus on the course.

Bali is a great place to enjoy yourself. If you would like to stay at Ananda Cottages before or after the training, please contact them directly at:

KRI certifies all Teacher Trainings around the world, which makes this certification valid worldwide. It is recognized by many other yoga organizations such as Yoga Alliance.

The training is taught completely in English so we ask that you have a good understanding of the English language. We do accept any written assignments, curriculums and the final exam to be submitted in your mother tongue if it makes you more comfortable.

COVID restrictions have changed and keep changing. To enter Bali, you either need to be fully vaccinated or if not fully vaccinated then you need a medical exemption letter.

1. Fully Vaccinated   

Travelers who are fully vaccinated can enter Bali with proof (digital/printed) of Covid Vaccination, (the last dose must be taken 14 days before traveling to Indonesia). Indonesia does not look at the vaccination dates, just the number of vaccinations.

Fully vaccinated: 2 or more doses. (Johnson & Johnson counts as 2 doses).

2. Unvaccinated (only with medical exemption letter)

Unvaccinated travelers can enter Bali, Indonesia only if they are medically exempted (comorbidity diseases or other reasons that clearly state that for medical reasons they can not be vaccinated).

You need a medical statement letter from a doctor explaining the medical/health conditions and reason for vaccination exemption.

You can not enter Bali, Indonesia if you choose to be unvaccinated because of personal choice (other than medical conditions).

3. One Dose (only if recovered)

If you received only one dose due to recovering from Covid-19, you must have a recovery certificate explaining that you are not actively transmitting Covid-19. You can not travel to Bali without a recovery certificate if you only received 1 dose of vaccine.

Airlines: Regulations can change and some authorities and airlines might be stricter than others in enforcing the regulations. Sometimes airlines even struggle to stay up to date and might ask for documents, that are effectively not necessary anymore. Please make sure to check also your airline’s requirements for traveling to Indonesia.

To keep updated, please visit:

Visas are required, but fairly simple to obtain. Here are the main guidelines: 

VISA Entry Requirements specifically for international arrivals on Visa Exemption Arrangement VEA, Visa On Arrival VOA or eVISA.

  • VEA -Visa Exemption Arrangement is free and only available to 9 countries for 30 days only and cannot be extended.
  • VOA-Visa on Arrival costs IDR 500.000 per person (applies to adults and children). There are two options:
  1. Pay on arrival or
  2. Apply and pay online from 14 days or up to 48 hours before arrival. 
  • VOA-Visa on Arrival is for a single Entry into Bali/Indonesia, for a  stay up to 30 days and can be extended for a maximum 1 time at the local Immigration Office (charges apply) 
  • Payment can be done by: VISA Card, Master Card or Debit Card
  • Cash in IDR or foreign currencyUSD, EURO, GBP, SGD and others as per set exchange at the airport counter inside the terminal. 

To find specific information for your country of citizenship, please visit: