The 2nd Body: The Negative Mind

The Negative Mind is the second of the Ten Bodies. It is protective and has nothing to do with negativity. It is the part of our intellect that helps create awareness of our surroundings and assess potential dangers. It gives us the ability to be discerning and not get carried away by unrealistic optimism. Anything we might do to set boundaries that will protect our well-being and mental health is balancing for the Negative Mind. The Negative Mind is associated with a ‘Longing to Belong’—the longing to be part of something and to expand our identity. When the Negative Mind is balanced, we listen to our intuition and make decisions that keep us safe.


Resources to Support Your Work with the Negative Mind

Mantras: Spotify Playlist for the Negative Mind

Kundalini Kriyas:

Guru Gaitri Mantra Meditation
When the Negative Mind is too strong, you may appear to be rigid, reactive, and over-dominant. When balanced you deliver strong focused actions and you enjoy challenge. You act, but always with a cover and a back-up plan.

Kriya for Self-Reliance
Self-reliance will vanish all fear. Fear comes when you are dependent on anything other than your own inner wisdom and higher self. If your self-reliance is strong, you are protected.

Meditation to Change Your Destiny

Practice this meditation to master the Negative Mind. This meditation brings deep relaxation, strength, and mental clarity. Also called “soul talk,” it is said to bring the experience of the soul on the spot.

Meditation for the Negative Mind
Use this meditation when you need to balance the flashing negativity and protective fervor of the Negative Mind. It clears the subconscious of unwanted negative or fearful thoughts. Then the Negative Mind can give you clear signals to protect and promote you. The posture of calmness and humility lets the Creator, the Unknown, cover and shield you.

Kriya for Mood and Metabolism Balance
This kriya helps to bring you to neutrality and is said to prevent depression. It works on the nervous system, negative thinking, emotional moods, and metabolism.

Gutka Kriya: Using the Magic Mantra as a Gutka to Reverse Negative Energy
Strength and power come from inner balance. Without this, we end up confused, degraded, upset, or depressed. This kriya uses the power of sound to cut through negativity and re-route the mind. The objective here is to reverse negative thinking. 

Chii-a Kriya: Surround Yourself with Protection
When you are losing hope and feel that nothing is working for you, this meditation is in order. Chii-a means six in Gurmukhi. This meditation is an experience of the six “unchangeable sounds:” Har, Hare, Haree, Wa, He, Guru. They are associated with the six directions: east, west, north, south, up, and down. When you meditate on these six in this way, the Universe covers you. You chant and God listens with love.

Meditation to Know the Field
This meditation develops a taste for the experience of expanded awareness. It creates sensitivity and the ability to extend the aura out to link with the energy of a whole team or group. You can develop the capacity to know what is happening to everyone at the same time, sense where they are, and what they are about to do. This sensing includes those opposing you, too. You will develop the ability to sense the energy flow in any situation.


From the Blog:

The 3 Minds in Relationship (Michael Neutrino)
One of the best ways to learn about the Positive, Negative and Neutral minds is through relationship.

All About the 3 Mental Bodies (Nirvair Singh)
The question for the Negative Mind is: "Can I calculate the danger in a situation?" or better yet: ''In my urge to merge, in my need for completion, can I calculate the danger in a given situation?"


3HO International

3HO International

3HO is a nonprofit with a mission to inspire everyone everywhere to realize their full potential through the uplifting experience of Kundalini Yoga.
3HO International

3HO International

3HO is a nonprofit with a mission to inspire everyone everywhere to realize their full potential through the uplifting experience of Kundalini Yoga.