Truth and Oneness Kriya

The antidote for the violence, polarization, and widespread perception of “other” is to anchor ourselves in self-love. True love of the self imparts a deep love for others and compassion that arises from recognizing the other as you. 

Projection of the Divine in the Self

This meditation is a powerful projector of the Divine in the Self. It may be done alone or with a group of eleven people, which builds a beautiful group energy.

Mahan Jaap: Attuning to Group Energy

In this group meditation the individual will become sensitized on a new level so that he or she will respond to the energy in the group. Each person is a part of the greater energy balance. Chanting will happen in response to the shift of the total group energy.

Meditation for Increased Energy

If you are tired, do this meditation and then take a 2-minute relaxation on your back, relaxing every part of your body. To awaken, take a few deep breaths, stretch your body, and you will be ready to act!

The Healing Ring of Tantra

The healing ring can be used to generate and direct tremendous healing energy towards any person: a member of the circle, someone at a far distance, or someone located in the center of the circle.

Meditation to Know the Field

This meditation develops a taste for the experience of expanded awareness. It creates sensitivity and the ability to extend the aura out to link with the energy of a whole team or group. You can develop the capacity to know what is happening to everyone at the same time, sense where they are, and what they are about to do. This sensing includes those opposing you, too. You will develop the ability to sense the energy flow in any situation.

Meditation for Keeping Up with the Times

This meditation includes Guru Gobind Singh’s bani (prayer) to invoke fearlessness and to remove obstacles so we, as a global community, may unite in radiance and truth.