Snatam Kaur plays the harmonium and violin, and along with her voice delivers a universal message of peace. While traveling the world on tour she also teaches yoga and meditation to children and adults alike, as a part of her commitment to giving people tools for a daily experience of inner peace. She lives with her husband Sopurkh Singh and daughter Jap Preet Kaur in New Hampshire. For more information about Snatam Kaur’s music, tour dates, and mission of peace, please visit

Sunrise Chanting at Summer Solstice

It was only in the morning as we sat chanting with over a thousand yogis with the sun rising above us that I did not want anything anymore...I was totally and completely satisfied.

May 17, 2024 | Snatam Kaur In Blog New

What I Know About the Aquarian Sadhana

I grew up with the Aquarian Sadhana, an early morning practice that includes doing Japji, yoga and chanting. My parents would bring me down to the sadhana room all bundled up in blankets. My mother said when I was little I would always pop up out of my blankets...

May 17, 2024 | Snatam Kaur In Blog New