Kudrat Kaur currently resides in New Mexico. She is affectionately known as "the Mala Lady" and can be found at her table full of beautiful mala prayer beads at many 3HO event bazaars. She specializes in creating gemstone malas and teaches how to use them with mantra and meditation to enhance personal projection and spiritual practice. To set up a course in your area, contact her at 505-747-8673 or [email protected]. View her custom mala designs at www.themalashop.com.

Amethyst: The Purple Ray of Peace

Amethyst is said to be the ‘stone of peace.’ While bringing a sense of spiritual calm, the Amethyst also raises hopes and lifts the spirits, bringing thoughts of the spiritual realms that shape our lives.

May 17, 2024 | Kudrat Kaur In Blog New

Angelic Angelite

Angelite is useful in connecting one with the guidance of angels and spiritually aligned beings. Like many blue stones, it is cooling, calming, soothing, and has been said to bring hues of soft blues to the tip of the electromagnetic field. 

May 17, 2024 | Kudrat Kaur In Blog New