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Surrender Your Way through Every Block

By Savitree Kaur

In our Friday evening Mantra Meditation and Discussion at Urban Yoga Chicago, some in our community shared an observation that when surrender happens, the way through every block appears.

Once we get over the Western notion of attaching surrender to losing, there can be a great sense of relief on a number of levels. Yet, what surrender looks like is still not always clear.

The way through every block has always been there. The doors are open all around us, and we don’t see them because we fight the flow (we resist) rather than surrender.

Surrender is not the same as being passive. To me, passive is giving up. Surrender is the ground source of power. It is the how-to in going with the flow. It is following the flow of the Universal current; going up the up escalator, and down the down escalator.

Think surfing the wave. In order to ride that wave successfully, we must pay full attention and respond accordingly. It is a dance between surfer and the waves. There is no time to process and think about what others will think about our next move. We must simply stay present, intuit, trust in ourselves and act. That is surrender. When we resist and second guess, the waves throw us off and we fall.

Surrender is an active participation with the flow of the Universe. 

“Obstacles” appear as conflicts in our lives because we are in duality. When we let go of duality, we let go of drama. Surrender brings with it a great sense of relief because it frees up our inner resources to ride the wave fully and get to where we want to go. Fast.

That is our shortcut.

Savitree Kaur, E-RYT 200 and KRI certified, is co-founder of Urban Yoga Chicago, a Kundalini Yoga, meditation and wellness center in South Evanston, IL. She offers small group classes, private sessions and meditation courses for adults and children. Her strength is in helping individuals customize their meditation practice to serve their highest goals. She is also mom to two beautiful teenaged children. For more on Savitree, For more on the work that she does, see and

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