Kriya to Recognize the Other Person Is You

You and every person share a common nucleus; a still point that is by nature infinite. It is both before and beyond our normal sense of time and space, and yet gives birth to all that is experienced in time and space. It is an empty stillness from which all things arise. We enter that by creating a state of shuniya in meditation and prayer.

The mantra—Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru; I am Thine, in Mine, Myself, Wahe Guru—has a subtle structure in its sound, beat, and arrangement. Vibrate it from within your heart and listen to your sound and become merged in it. There is a 3.5 cycle energetic rhythm in this chant. This does not mean just the beat, it means the energetic gesture of the chant in meaning, energy, and projection.

The Practice

Posture & Mudra: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Place your right fist at your side with the Jupiter finger (index finger) pointing up, and place the left hand over the heart center. You can also practice back to back with a partner.

Eyes: Close the eyes and focus at the Brow Point.

Mantra: Humee Hum, Tumee Tum, Wahe Guru; I am Thine, in Mine, Myself, Wahe Guru

Chant out loud for 11 minutes. As you chant “Humee Hum,” focus your attention on the heart center. On “Tumee Tum,” focus on the throat center. For “Waheguru,” focus at the Brow Point.


Continue for 11 minutes.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

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