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In Business with the 2nd Sutra

By Trevor Ellestad

Sutras are words to live by, threads that string life together. Yogi Bhajan gave us 5 sutras for the Aquarian Age.

It seems, at times, with the internet in the state that it’s in: this sense of falsely modified and amplified shareability, that we are all living in a state of sutras. We have condensed our learning into lists: “top ten greatest ways to eat a lemon,” “four things I learned from my cat on a Monday,” “morality and ethics in 300 words.” Everything has been so over saturated and evaporated that we are forced to unencrypt something more from everything that we encounter in this online world. Though, it seems, that most of don’t, we just scan and move on.

Not that there is anything wrong with this condensing. I truly believe that what is important is having the seed planted. That’s why I wasn’t surprised, that Yogi Bhajan’s sutras had such a profound effect on me and that I had to take the time to dwell on each of them.

In my daily wanderings, I keep encountering Yogi Bhajan and the five Yogic Sutras of the Aquarian Age that he has given us and I knew that I needed to start writing about these concepts. I immediately thought, on hearing them, that they could not only be tied easily to a more whole and enriched daily spiritual life, but also a more enriched business life.

There is a way through every block.

Firstly, I shall not start at the beginning. I shall start with the sutra that hit home the quickest. This sutra came to me at a point this year when I felt like I had been sailing unobstructed for months. I felt as though I had finally “figured it out” and would be able to easily drift above or around any obstacle that came my way… Until I encountered death, and a repressed heart, and a sense of captivity, and in turn a sense of powerlessness.

Even in our greatest strength, we are only mere moments from our greatest weakness.

Challenges are a critical part of our personal lives and a critical part of our business lives. But for even the most holistic of us, we still feel inclined to determine the pros and cons of every decision that we make in the workplace before acting, and don’t often enough take the time to listen to our intuition. That’s not to say that all decisions should be judged solely on our gut instincts, but a combination of logic and intuition is a fierce strength and stabilizer to anyone willing to open their mind to it.

I am prone to wanting to give up at the last minute. I am prone to fear and self-doubt. I am prone to an inflated ego too, and so when I encounter blocks in my professional life, I often, habitually want to find a way back to where I started because that’s the place that feels most comfortable. I have had to train myself over the years to want to find a way through the block to the other side and keep going forward.

How did I do this? Like most everything else that I do to balance myself, I learned to stop and breathe. I learned to focus, and listen for the voice that is free from petty judgment. I learned to transcend my ego for just a moment and wait for that little glimpse of truth that always comes. Whether it tells me to calm down, slow down, push harder, move swifter, there is always something in the stillness.

We are trained as business people to bulldoze through our barriers, but there is a way, if we are willing, to sometimes float gracefully above and beyond them.

Originally posted on Trevor Ellestad's Blog

Trevor Ellestad came into young adulthood with an obsession for the written word and a knack for finding new and exciting ways to break his parents’ computers. Marketing and communications were a natural progression because it kept him writing and creating, while still getting to play around behind the scenes with all the nerdy techy stuff he could get his hands on. With 5+ years of experience in the world of social media and marketing management, and a passion for a healthy, balanced and clear outlook on life, Trevor brings a different approach to online marketing. The health and wellness industry has been critical in Trevor’s success offline and he knows that the lessons he has learned as a yoga teacher, a consultant herbalist and an avid meditator can be translated into the world of business.

“It’s all about being honest to yourself and those around you. Whether you are representing a brand, a not-for-profit or an individual, creating an identity online and successfully seeing the results you are looking for comes down to four simple things: being responsible, being reliable, being honest and being kind.”