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2016 Theme: The 4th Sutra

This year's theme is the 4th Sutra of the Aquarian Age: 

Understand through Compassion 
 or you will Misunderstand the Times.

We need to understand through compassion—instead of passion—or we will misunderstand. Passions are like tides coming and going. The mind can't be steady because the tidal waves of passion will always take the mind up, down, and all around.

Compassion is like a trade wind carrying you across an infinite ocean. "Turn your passions into compassion by feeling others are you and you are others. Remove the barriers of the egocentric self and feel the self in all. All is one and one is all.”

It is only when you come from your heart that your words can penetrate every heart. "When a being becomes totally a being of compassion, then his words can shake every heart, they penetrate.”

Compassion Kriya

This year we will practice the Compassion Kriya each day at Summer and Winter Solstice. This kriya uses the mantra, Rakhay RakhanhaarClick here for instructions and more information about how to join our Global Community.

4th Sutra MP3 - Rakhay Rakhanhar