Numerology for July 2022: Rest and Restore

The month of July grants and encourages a time to shelter away from the world, while shifting into “rest and restore” mode. The year so far has been experienced as a near constant stream of overwhelm, and by virtue of human design we need to create a balance of ease and flow within ourselves.

The number 7 represents the themes of elevation, nature, music, the Water Element, self-trust, and an innate knowingness of what is true or false. Our gut instincts will be getting a “reboot,” and by allowing yourself a time-out in nature, you will be gifted with a clarity that will reveal the missing pieces of the puzzle.

To help illustrate this point, I will share with you something I recently experienced. While looking for a movie to watch on Netflix, I noticed a film that was now being featured as having “deleted scenes” included in the movie. I had already seen this film and liked it, so I thought, “Well, maybe this will be interesting!” Not only was it interesting, (the film was “Twilight,” by the way) it revealed information that was critical to understanding dimensions and developments in the movie that you otherwise could not have known.

Have you ever had the thought, “Gee, if I had only known that before, it would have made all the difference in the world. I could have handled things better.”

The month of July, by virtue of the intellectual-information seeking number 7, will be bringing out these “deleted scenes” from our subconscious mind. This is not meant to scare you—no, it is rather meant to fill in some of the missing pieces to your life story. We will have the opportunity to rewrite our story from a more self-empowered place. Information is power, and when we have a deeper understanding of childhood dynamics, we are better able to liberate ourselves from condemnation and bitterness towards ourselves or others.

There is a strong cleansing effect to July, as it embodies the Water Element. Our physical body contains water in the cell tissue, bloodstream and lymphatic system. Sweating is one of the best ways to cleanse the body, and this can be achieved through exercise, sitting in a sauna, sunbathing, or with a hot epsom salt bath. Take at least one day a week to engage with the Water Element by going to a beach, lake, river, pool, or even backyard sprinkler!

Herbal teas such as dandelion root or leaf, and clover leaf tea, are cleansing to the bloodstream. An excellent brand that I really like is Traditional Medicine. Potent and organic!

In the positive polarity number 7 is experienced as an elevated clarity that sees past the illusions of the world, as well as the “mind games” of humans. In the negative polarity, number 7 is distrustful, sometimes to the point of feeling paranoid.

An excellent practice for the month of July is the “Developing Self Rhythm” meditation. It is a simple 3-part series that will help the body to recover from fatigue, and quell the wavering mind. A chaotic mind is where we can lose a lot of energy, as well as create confusion in our relationships. Invest 15 minutes a day in your well-being, and see the world around you change for the very best.

Seven is also the Auric field, or electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body. We can clear and heal our Aura through the science of sound. Sound, as in the sounds of nature, music, or the gong are all healing for the Aura. You can find on many soundscape posts of a mountain stream, an Amazon rainforest, ocean waves, and birds singing. There are also many mantra recordings, as well as the prayer repetitions of different faiths of the world.

Seven is sometimes called the “lonely number” in the science of Numerology, and there are ways to counteract this “empty feeling” if it comes your way. Sound is one of the most powerful connectors we have within the Universe. Hearing the sound of a comforting voice is one of the most healing things we can experience. The human voice in prayer is a way that we can feel loved and encouraged.

Looking to the Holy Grail of Youtube again, you can find devout nuns praying the Rosary, along with Tibetan Buddhists chanting “Om So Hum.” Sometimes when I’m feeling that this physical plane of existence is just too much to deal with, I’ll check-in with my Tibetan “Bro-Team,” and bring this gorgeous visual of the monks sitting and chanting together to full screen on my ipad. Then, with my pillow and woobie-blanket, we hang out together in the cozy mantra zone, where everyone has each others’ back, and we are safe in a sacred space of subtle connectivity. A place beyond words.

Looking further into the science and dynamics of sound, the month of July is a time where we are feeling more sensitive to people’s tone of voice. If you are speaking too loudly there will be the tendency for the other person to immediately shutdown, and your words will go unheard. Soften your voice, almost to the point of a whisper, and your communication will become more effective. Timing is everything in life, and something you can ask yourself while preparing an important message would be, “Is this really the right time for this?” Often things can wait a day or two, allowing the combined interactive space to decompress. Yes, remember that one.

A word that I have always had a great affection for is “alchemy.” By definition alchemy means, “The process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained. An example of using alchemy is a person who takes a pile of scrap metal and turns it into beautiful art.” Hmm, these are interesting words to consider.

We can engage with a divine alchemy in July by aligning ourselves with the organic structure of Mother Nature. Essential oils are a powerful and transformative way to do this, as they work with the chemistry of our brain to invoke emotional as well as physiological change. Some popular essential oils are Atlas Cedar, which helps to clear anger and improve endurance. Clary Sage helps reduce fear and depression. Cypress gives stability and promotes self-renewal. And lastly, Balsam Fir gives a sense of feeling grounded and removes creative blocks.

Give yourself permission to be released from the static of the world at this time, and revisit a path where you are traveling the Earth in a comfortable rhythm and flow. You are the Alchemist of your journey, and you are a beautiful work in progress. Believe in yourself, and the creative good graces of the Universe will line up to support you.

Nam Hari Kaur

Nam Hari Kaur

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