Deeply awakened and transformed through Kundalini Yoga, Puranpreet Kaur shares the Teachings with a tremendous passion and clarity. She uses all she has learned on the physical and subtle levels to inspire students to empower themselves, as there is no greater gift! Teaching yoga since 2011, Puranpreet Kaur guides with a heartfelt authenticity, which compassionately enkindles each student in their personal journey in living a creatively conscious life. She walks the talk – you will be inspired! A professional musician with an M.M. in Music performance, one of her greatest joys is sharing the Sacred Sound Current so it can become an instrument of transformation in every seeker’s life.

The Role of Emotions in Personal Growth: Moving Beyond Discomfort

Dive into the transformative journey of emotions and personal growth in 'The Role of Emotions in Personal Growth: Moving Beyond Discomfort.' Explore how meditation can turn emotions into tools for self-discovery. Learn to cultivate patience, embrace discomfort, and unleash creativity through Kundalini Yoga. Join Puranpreet Kaur on a 21-stage...

May 17, 2024 | Puranpreet Kaur In Blog New