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Playing with Gratitude

By Dr. Sat Siri Kaur

An Attitude of Gratitude—Yogi Bhajan taught us this concept many decades ago. Years later Oprah made it popular with her gratitude journal experience—she wrote down 5 things every day for which she was grateful. She attributed this practice to creating major positive change in her life.

 “The attitude of gratitude is the highest way of living, and is the biggest truth, the highest truth. You cannot live with applied consciousness until you understand that you have to be grateful for what you have. If you are grateful for what you have, then Mother Nature will give you more.”
-Yogi Bhajan 8/30/91

How much have you played with gratitude and what has been your experience?

Connecting to your attitude of gratitude is an effective tool that can be utilized to drop into the heart space—ahhhhhh—creating new patterns, leading to fresh experiences.

As I was contemplating this, the following poem came through.

Please enjoy.


When life comes along and you feel blue,

Reach in and out to find what’s true.

Become aware that you actually have a choice;

Pay attention and notice your self-talk and inner voice.

Take a moment to listen and be still with it all.

Notice your energy and sensations and begin to recall  ̶


You ARE Divine Nectar created from Infinity.

Your True Self is an infinite being with an affinity for divinity.

All the rest is a play for your soul’s experience

To wallow in the wonder of God’s beauty and brilliance.

This includes the light and the dark.

You came to Earth on purpose to embark

On this journey of polarities to experience what’s true.

EVERYTHING is part of it—so what can you do?


When the negative mind takes hold and things seem dreary,

Play with being bold until you once again see clearly.

Start with small things you might take for granted.

Imagine there is nothing and you’re totally stranded.

Then look around for the first thing you see;

Where did it come from? Glory be!


Invoke your delight for the little things at hand,

Feel that innocence within you and allow it to expand.

Gratitude for everything both challenging and mild,

Gratitude for LIFE, each breath ~ Go wild!


Remember all there is for you to have and to hold

Around you and within you—abundant riches unfold!


Now notice once again your energy and sensations.

Notice what’s different—what new foundations.


An attitude of gratitude is all that it takes

To instantaneously transform your reality - for goodness sakes!

An attitude of gratitude is a useful tool,

So simple and available to all—how cool!


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again,

I’m grateful for YOU Being here when

Together our light is transforming ALL

So let’s keep up and have a ball!


Like I just said and I’d like to repeat,

I’m grateful for YOU my dear ones—how sweet!

I love you All—We Are One.

Let’s play together and have some fun!

Mental Health and Attitude of Gratitude
If you are experiencing depression or other mental stress and imbalances, an attitude of gratitude can help shift this. There may also be other contributing factors. When a client is experiencing depression, I check on basic things like diet. What you put in your body can cause biochemical imbalances that may lead to depression. Sugar and caffeine are two relatively mild drugs that people commonly ingest.

If you struggle with depression and these are part of your regular diet please begin to notice how you feel within minutes and up to 24-48 hours after partaking. Notice any changes with your energy as well as your physical, mental, and emotional aspects of self. There may be ups and downs. Consider eliminating these substances to see what effect this has on you. Like any addictive substance, expect some withdrawal or detox symptoms at first. Give it some time. To assist the process of increasing well-being, consider replacing these with healing foods and herbs to replenish your cells’ nutrients and restore balance to your body/mind systems. The practice of yoga and meditation is another useful tool for creating balance, harmony, inner peace and calmness.

© Dr. Sat Siri K. Khalsa 2013

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Dr. Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa began practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at the age of 15 in the mid 70’s. She taught her first Kundalini Yoga class while still in high school. Experiences that pointed to intuitive and healing abilities and gifts guided her way. She practiced as a holistic doctor of chiropractic medicine for 20 years. Over time, her practice evolved to one that utilizes a healing technology that is both subtle and extremely effective. Intuitively guided with divine assistance, she opens to the vast and wondrous realm of both divine and human consciousness to assist you in healing and transforming all areas of your being and your life.

“Being in service to you is my delight and gratitude; the divine design. When we work and play together, the more you experience your own awakening, empowerment, enlightenment, shifting, change, peace, inspiration, knowing, clarity, and calmness, the more filled I become. It is a union and partnership, connecting to the One within the one. Contact me if you feel called to explore and experience the change you are ready for. I look forward to meeting you and playing together! Infinite Love, Blessings, and Gratitude!”

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