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Overcome the Shadows with Your Love

By Catalyst Yogi

We are in a pivotal time in our evolutionary process. These past few years we have learned that the Piscean institutions that we have counted upon for our security and safety are founded upon corruption and greed. This is the great awakening of the Aquarian Age that the ancients spoke about many years ago.

There has been much grief from all of our losses, and a resounding shock through the collective from the fact that what we thought was true is no longer true.

At present, there is a strong temptation to blame and project our anger and judgment on those that seem to be in the power seat; or to withdraw into depression or to escape through addictions or fantasies. Now more than ever is the time to be deeply anchored in our Divine nature that lives inside each one of us.

In the Aquarian Age, we must remember the Truth that the enemies are not outside of us―they live in our own mind. The ego projects these internal enemies onto other people and this is called chaya or shadow. The collective of humanity has created personalities on which to project our collective shadow of fear. If they didn’t exist we would just create other people to project upon to take their place.

“If you play with the maya, you'll end up with 'chaya.' Chaya means the shadow. You'll end up with shadow. Shadow is not reality.” -Yogi Bhajan

This time is for commitment—commitment to the Truth inside you, your Sat Nam. To commit to the foundation of all our human experiences on this earth plane is love. The truth of who you are is love, and everything else is not reality. Your judgments are false. Your anger and fear is false. Your depression, anxiety and worries are all not real.

In the Aquarian Age, Maya (the material world) is dissolving to reveal only what is true. This means that the unconscious is being made conscious. This is where shadows live. All of our deepest fears are rising to the surface so that we can release them into the light.

Personally in your life, you are probably experiencing your deepest fears. For example, if you fear being alone, all of your friends and/or partner may leave you. If you fear survival then you may experience a loss of job and money. If you fear death then you may experience a health crisis. No, these experiences are not a punishment from God. They come from Infinite Love to show you that these unconscious fears are simply an illusion.

So collectively, we are now experiencing our greatest fear which is the extinction of our species. Questions like, “What if there is a nuclear war? What if our planet is destroyed through ignoring global warming? What if my culture is destroyed? My race? My religion?” These are our deep ancestral fears found in our DNA coming up to be released.

Don’t give your power to the shadows in the material world―they are but illusions. Your magic word is commitment. Commit to the love inside you and the love that is also found in each living person on this planet. We are now in the fires of purification that are burning away what is not us, so take joy in this gift.

Your strength is not found in your anger, intellect, judgments or how loudly you scream, “Injustice!” Your strength lies in your calmness and peacefulness. Your greatest strength is in your innocence―your love and compassion for all humans on the planet at this time. And if you feel at times overcome by your anger and you want to destroy something, destroy your inner enemies with love so that they need not be projected as shadows onto the world.

Commit to the ultimate goal of humanity which is the permanent opening of our tender heart. This is the Aquarian Age’s agenda for us all. If you want to act this year, then act by Grace and Grace alone. Your spiritual super power is your calmness, so be that calm mountain for others to turn to in times of great fear and insecurity. Share your message of hope―that all creation is perfect and this is just part of the human story of our unfoldment in Spirit.

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