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About Venus Kriyas

By Jivan Joti Kaur

Venus Kriyas are Kundalini Yoga exercises done with a partner, usually a man and a woman, but they do not need to be done with a partner of the opposite sex. Although Venus Kriyas are less intense than White Tantric Yoga®, they fall into the category of more advanced Kundalini Yoga practice. 

Venus Kriyas are especially effective if couples choose one Venus Kriya or meditation that they practice consistently for 40, 90, or 120 days to enhance a particular aspect of their relationship. Meditation quiets the limiting and hurtful voice of the ego, allowing the expansive voices of the neutral mind and heart to take center stage. The couple can experience enhanced trust and intimacy.

Venus Kriyas are very powerful yogic techniques. They must be practiced only in the highest consciousness. Venus Kriyas are a tool to blend polarity energies for spiritual growth. The focus stays at the heart, projecting love and caring, with the highest good for both. These practices expand the higher centers. As such, they must never be used for sensual or sexual manipulation or exploitation of another person. If these techniques are abused in any way, the result may be harmful to both parties.

Venus Kriyas are not to be practiced for more than 3 minutes. Only one or two Venus Kriya should be practiced within a one hour period.

First practice a Kundalini Yoga set to raise your consciousness and create a sacred space for the Venus Kriya.

To begin every Venus Kriya, sit down in front of your partner, put your own hands together in prayer pose, and tune in by chanting the Adi Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo three times. With your hands still together, look into your partner's eyes and then bow your head in recognition of their God consciousness.

Project love from your heart, and any other positive thought you want, such as, "We deserve all the Universe can offer us," or "This meditation will be a blissful, spiritual experience for both of us."

Upon completion of every Venus Kriya, put your palms together at the heart center, say "Sat Nam" (acknowledging the truth in each other) and thank your partner. Relax completely.

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Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D. (Counseling/Psychology) is a Level I and II Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. She is a Level III Candidate in Sat Nam Rasayan and has written four books, The Art of Making Sex Sacred, Editions One and Two; Dying Into Life: The Yoga of Death, Loss and Transformation; and The Yoga of Aging and Chronic Illness. This article was based on Chapter Three inThe Art of Making Sex Sacred. She invites readers to email her with questions and share experiences. For copies of her book, a phone consultation, or to schedule a workshop in your area:[email protected]

Previously published in Aquarian Times, Summer 2002