NEED A RIDESHARE?? Go to the Summer Solstice Rideshare and Roomshare page (This page is not moderated by 3HO. It is a place where you can coordinate travel plans with each other.)  Summer/Winter Solstice Ride Share and find the connection you need! 

If you're looking for Doug and the Yogi Mobile, you can find him on the ride share page.


Solstice attendees are welcome to arrive at Guru Ram Das Puri on Thursday, June 13th at or after 1:00 pm..  Registration and check-in for badge pick up will open at 1:00 pm.

  • In general, if you are camping, please plan to arrive on site before 5 p.m., in order to better facilitate efficient Registration/Check-In and set-up.
  • If you are staying in a cabin or have rented a tent you must arrive prior to 8:30 p.m. so that you can check in at Registration which closes at 9:00 p.m; if you need to arrive later you will be directed to spend the night in the Tantric Shelter. We suggest you have your sleeping bag, mat and/or sheepskin, and toiletry items accessible to bring to the Shelter with you. Registration/Check-In will open at 9 a.m.
  • If you plan to arrive at Guru Ram Das Puri after 8:00 p.m., you will need to spend the night in a motel and you can make arrangement to have the shuttle pick you up in the morning. Registration and the front gate will be closed. 
  • If you arrive in New Mexico before the scheduled arrival day or miss the last shuttle departure time, you will need to make arrangements to stay in a motel/hotel. If you need to arrive at Guru Ram Das Puri before the scheduled arrival day or leave after the last day at noon, you will need to make reservations in a hotel or other arrangements off-site.


Solstice ends on Saturday, June 22nd

  • Ram Das Puri closes to the public at noon.  Please schedule your departure from the site for prior to 12:00 pm. 
  • Camp ends with a farewell breakfast in the morning.
  • Immediately after breakfast, camp will begin breakdown. Please confirm your return shuttle reservations prior to breakdown.
  • Be certain to leave enough time to gather and pack all of your belongings prior to your departure time.
  • Please do not leave behind your tent, sleeping bag, or other such items, bring them to the recycling center at the bottom of the hill and not to the Solstice Lost and Found. It creates a lot of extra work and they are thrown out in the trash. There are tents available for $208 for a cot in a 2 cot tent; the tent is large can sleep up to 6; for families the rate is $416 with 2 cots and children are free (there are no cots provided for children). Please make sure you leave your area in the condition you found it, recycle what can be recycled, and throw the rest in the trash. This is the final stage of your yogic practice of seva at solstice.

Transportation to and from Summer Solstice

General Transportation Information: The 3HO Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration is located in Española, New Mexico. There are independent shuttle services available to drive you from the Albuquerque International Sunport (airport) to Guru Ram Das Puri, where camp is located. You must make arrangements directly with them via phone (they have no email address). See information below. If you arrive in New Mexico before the scheduled arrival day or miss the last shuttle departure time from the airport, you will need to make arrangements to either stay in a hotel, or find alternative means of transportation. Please do not arrive at Guru Ram Das Puri before the scheduled arrival day. Please read the specific information that follows regarding how to schedule your itinerary and arrange for transportation assistance to the site.

Flying: Most people traveling to the Guru Ram Das Puri campsite for Summer Solstice fly to Albuquerque, New Mexico, and take a shuttle (see below) from the airport to the campsite. If you are taking a shuttle, please make your reservation ahead of time and arrive at least thirty minutes before your shuttle departs. The largest airport in the vicinity is the Albuquerque International Sunport in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This major airport is a 1½-hour drive to the town of Española, and another 1/2 hour drive to the campsite. (Airport Code: ABQ) There is also a smaller municipal airport located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is about a 45 minute drive from Española and another 1/2 hour drive from the campsite. (Airport code: SAF)

Airport Hotel: If you arrive to Albuquerque (ABQ) late at night and there are no shuttle options available, you can stay at a hotel near the airport and take a morning shuttle the next day. The Best Western Inn and Suites (Albuquerque Airport location) offers a discount to Solstice attendees. You can use the promotion code "Solstice" to receive about $10 off a room. The rate would be $89.99, normally $99.99. Visit to book or call them by phone at: 505-242-7022 Ext 301. Click here for more hotel information. 

Shuttles from the Airport: The following independent shuttle services are available to transport you between the Albuquerque airport and the Guru Ram Das Puri campsite:

3HO Foundation does not endorse transportation providers nor are we affiliated with these companies.

Shuttle Information Coming Soon!

The Inexpensive Public Transportation Option

For those seeking an option costing less than $10 and who do not mind an extended travel time, there is a way to get from the Albuquerque airport to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle building at the base of the dirt road to Ram Das Puri. Note: you should only choose this option if you can arrange transportation from the base of the dirt road to Guru Ram Das Puri. 

  • Click Here to use Google's public transportation tool.
  • Be sure to enter accurate times that coincide with your flight arrival.
  • Review the time it will take you to reach New Mexico Motor Vehicle, it can sometimes take quite long (5+ hours).


  • Click here for a map to Guru Ram Das Puri, the Solstice site, from Santa Fe, NM.
  • Click here for directions from the Albuquerque airport.

You can also use MapQuest or Google Maps to map your own driving directions to Española, New Mexico.

  • The final 8 mile approach to Guru Ram Das Puri is a dirt, forest service road labeled 31 Mile Road on most maps. The safe speed limit on 31 Mile Road is 20 mph. The road is used regularly by large trucks and may be patrolled by law enforcement officers who will give tickets for speeding. PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY on this portion of your trip.  

Driving Directions from Albuquerque:

  • Take I-25 North towards Santa Fe.
  • Upon entering Santa Fe city limits, take St. Francis Drive/Highway 285 Exit. Drive through Santa Fe on Hwy 285/84 towards Española (approximately 25 miles).
  • There are two options:
  • Prior to reaching Santa Fe you will see a sign on the right for Rt. 599, this will by-pass the city; go approximately 15 miles and then the road forks and you will see a sign that directs you to go straight for Espanola, or to the right for Santa Fe. Follow direction to Espanola and this will bring you onto 285/84.OR
  • In the town of Española, Hwy 285/84 turns into Riverside Drive. Follow Riverside Drive until you come to Fairview Road (there is a Bank of America on your left and Walgreens on your right). Turn left onto Fairview. The next stoplight (across the bridge) is Paseo de Onate.
  • Go through the light at Paseo de Onate where Fairview Road changes its name to Industrial Park Road.
  • Make your first right on Calle de la Merced. This will become a dirt road. Continue on this road for approximately 8 miles. Guru Ram Das Puri will be on your right.