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For Bazaar questions, please contact:

[email protected] 

The Solstice Bazaar offers vendors a place to provide quality goods and services that support the 3HO lifestyle. The bazaar is hosted in a spacious white tent with simple overhead lighting. There are two sections to the bazaar: a general vending space for those selling clothing, CDs, jewelry, etc. and a quieter healing space for those providing massage, intuitive readings, and other healing modalities.

There is no Wi-Fi available in the Bazaar. 

Bazaar General Hours

After 1:00pm (June 19) 8:00am-9:30pm (June 20-23 and June 27)

After White Tantric Yoga® Ends- 9:30pm (June 24-26)

The Bazaar will stay open late on the last night of WTY® and the last night of Solstice and the bazaar is closed during WTY® and for the opening of some all camp gatherings.

Vendor Applications


Bazaar Registration

Whether you are a returning bazaar vendor or a new one this year, please take a moment to review the registration information, pricing, and policies prior to registering for a bazaar space. Some spaces have codes attached with them; these spaces are not available for reservation.

Vendor Spaces Available

Electricity is included

  • Vending Space 5'x 5' : 1 space - Includes [1] 2.5' x 4' table/1 chair ($150)
  • Vending Spaces 5'x 5' : 2 spaces - Includes [2] 2.5'x 8' table/2 chairs ($300)
  • Healing Space 5'x 5' - This space is appropriate for a chair ($150)
  • Healing Spaces 5'x 5': 2 spaces - This space is the right size for a table. Note that healers that do body work with a massage table or pad must register for 2 spaces ($300)

How to choose the right size space for your offering:

  • If you have typically needed an 8’ table to set up all of your wares, you will need to rent two spaces which will include an 8’ table plus two chairs.
  • If you have previously shared a table with another vendor, rent one space which will include a 4’ table plus one chair.
  • When reserving 3 or more spaces your 2 chairs will come with your space. If you require more chairs you may request them from the Bazaar manager.
  • Please be aware that the space boundaries may or may not be marked but in either case your area will be defined by your table[s] and you will know what you reserved. Please respect the spaces of others by staying within your marked or defined area.
  • If you have a massage table or a Thai massage pad, you must rent two spaces so as not to infringe on your neighbors space in the healing area.
  • If you have a massage chair, you and your work will fit into one space.
  • If you are a healer and are also selling product, you are welcome to sell out of your healer space or purchase an additional space in the general sales area of the Bazaar. Healers may wish to be in the general sales area rather than the healers area.
  • Bring your own lighting, electrical cords, décor, display cases, massage tables/chairs, clothing racks.

Where to Locate Your Bazaar Set-Up?

General Vending Area: for vendors offering any type of product: CDs, books, jewelry, food, clothing, etc. A dressing room with lighting and mirrors for privacy will be available.

Healing Area: for vendors offering chiropractic, massage, intuitive readings, and other healing modalities. This area has all the healers in one area of the tent and offers curtains for minimal privacy. The Healing Area will have a table space provided by 3HO Foundation International for Healers to place their sign-up sheets. Please bring the following to participate at the table: a display showing your offering/rates and a sign-up sheet for clients. A banner that reads, “Healing Area Sign-Up” will be placed above the table. This table is to be provided for client sign-ups and is not for product sales. If the healing you are offering does not require quiet and privacy you are welcome to register for a space in the regular vending area.

All Bazaar vendors must be registered participants of the Solstice Sadhana event.

You will need the following information to register for a Bazaar space:

  • Legal Name
  • Business Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • What products/services are you providing? (please give a full description, space will be provided for this in the registration form)*
  • If you are a healer, are you licensed in the state of New Mexico?
  • What area of the Bazaar do you wish to be in: General Vending or Healing?

Bazaar Registration Deadline:

We ask that all vendors are registered by May 31, to help insure they recieve a space, and to give us time to finalize our bazaar map. 

Bazaar Policies

  • Bazaar vendors must be present from the beginning of camp. We cannot allow vendors to arrive late, nor can we guarantee a bazaar vendors space, should they arrive late. 
  • Registration for space will be on a first-come, first-served basis and is available on-line only.
  • Vendors and their staff must be registered participants of the Solstice Sadhana Celebration and will need to check-in at the on-site Check-in and Registration Tent before setting up in the bazaar.
  • Vendors who attend Solstice as Service Exchange team members must honor their service duties daily before vending in the bazaar.
  • Vendors should park in the general parking area.
  • Hours of operation: Vendors may choose their personal hours of operation during the day. Periodically the bazaar will be closed during all-camp gatherings or activities, including White Tantric Yoga®. (the Bazaar will be open after the end of Tantric each day so opening hours will vary) Vendor compliance is kindly requested. Closing time is 9:50 p.m. daily. In support of the technology and practice White Tantric Yoga® there is no food vending during the 72 hours of White Tantric Yoga®
  • Product/Service Suitability: You will be required to fill out a Bazaar Vendor Application form so that 3HO and the Bazaar Manager can review your product/service offerings to see if they are in alignment with the 3HO lifestyle and Solstice Sadhana Celebration. For example, sheepskins are appropriate, but not timeshares and multi-level marketing programs. We understand that there is not always a clear distinction. If your product or service is considered unsuitable for the event, you will be contacted by the 3HO or the Bazaar Manager prior to the event and your Bazaar fee will be refunded. The Bazaar Vendor Application does not reserve a Bazaar space for you, your space will be reserved when you complete your Bazaar space registration.
  • Food Vending in the Bazaar: All food sold must support participants in the experience of Solstice, particularly White Tantric Yoga® and the Solstice cleansing diet.
    • Any food products sold must be healthy and free from stimulants such as caffeine and refined sugar. For example, raw cacao is appropriate, but not chocolate.
    • Only snack-size, prepackaged healthy foods that support the Solstice Sadhana and approved blender drinks that nutritionally supplement the Solstice Diet can be sold at the event.
    • Food Vendor License Required: The only 3HO approved "prepared on-site" foods for sale at Solstice are smoothies and blender drinks. In order to sell food prepared on site, you must have a license to vend in the state. 3HO will require a copy of your state license on file prior to registration.
    • Vendors must provide a list of all ingredients for foods packaged and prepared on-site. There is room on the Bazaar Application Form to do this. No foods with white sugar, artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives will be permitted.
    • No food sales are permitted during White Tantric Yoga® or during WTY® breaks; The no sale period begins the evening before the fist day of WTY® and ends at the conclusion of day 3 of WTY®. This is a mandate of Humanology & Health Science, providers of White Tantric Yoga® at the Solstice events and is supported by 3HO Foundation International.


  • Healers Requirements: All healers who practice a modality that requires a license, will need a NM License to practice in the State (This includes, but is not limited to Massage therapy and chiropractic).
    • For licensed practitioners, 3HO will require a copy of your state license on file prior to registration.  If you practice a healing art that requires touching your client and you believe a license may not be required, you may include this in your application and a representative of 3HO will contact you.
    • For unlicensed practitioners, there is an UNLICENSED HEALTH CARE PRACTICE ACT (NM HB664) in New Mexico. According to this act, the following unlicensed practitioners are allowed to practice in NM, with proper education and training:
      • anthroposophy
      • aromatherapy
      • ayurveda
      • culturally traditional healing
        practices, including practices by a curandera, sobadora,
        partera, medica and arbolaira, and healing traditions,
        including plant medicines and foods, prayer, ceremony and
      • detoxification practices and therapies
      • energetic healing
      • folk practices
      • Gerson therapy and colostrum therapy
      • healing practices utilizing food,
        dietary supplements, nutrients and the physical forces of
        heat, cold, water, touch and light
      • healing touch
      • herbology or herbalism
      • homeopathy
      • meditation
      • mind-body healing practices
      • naturopathy
      • nondiagnostic iridology
      • noninvasive instrumentalities
      • polarity therapy
      • holistic kinesiology and other muscle
        testing techniques


  • If you are an unlicensed practitioner who is practicing one of the modalities above, you can qualify to heal in the bazaar. You may be asked to provide proof of training and accreditation prior to, or during the event. 3HO reserves the right to ask any vendor to leave without reason, as per the discretion of 3HO. To view the full UNLICENSED HEALTH CARE PRACTICE ACT (NM HB664), click here.
  • Please bring only low-wattage electronics, as the electrical grid will only support a limited draw.  Electric heaters are not permitted in the Bazaar.
  • The Bazaar Manager will have a list of all the vendors and healers and their spaces. In case of discrepancies, please have your event and bazaar registration receipt with you on-site.
  • 3HO Foundation International cannot be responsible for any missing or stolen items. Plan appropriately to secure your merchandise through the use of tarps, utility clips or locking trunks according to your own judgment and keep all money in a safe place.
  • 3HO Foundation International supports fund raising programs within the Bazaar only. All fund raising programs must be based on a yogic lifestyle. All fund raising programs must be approved by the 3HO Foundation International’s Events Office. If you have questions or want to request approval for fund raising, please contact  Customer Service. Please be specific about what you are fund raising for and how you plan to proceed.
  • 3HO Foundation International reserves the right to close or remove any bazaar booth/vendor if they are not in compliance with the above policies.