Names and Pronunciations

Please keep the following in mind as you integrate your spiritual name into your life:

  • It is important to use the correct naad (inner sound current) when speaking your name and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Pronunciation is paramount!
    • Listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Pronounce it slowly, and let it resonate within you.
    • If you find that your name does not appear as a sound byte, please contact us.
  • There may be more than one correct way to spell your name. As most of the names are derived from Gurbani (the sacred language of the Sikhs), there is not a direct transliteration from its alphabet to the English alphabet. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your name, but remember the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.
  • Note that most of these spiritual names are non-gender specific, differentiated by using either Singh (male) or Kaur (female).
  • Yogi Bhajan said that using your spiritual name in its entirety is the best way to get the most benefit from it.


KalyanListen to Kalyan
Kalyan AmritListen to Kalyan Amrit
Kalyan AmritaListen to Kalyan Amrita
Kalyan AtmaListen to Kalyan Atma
Kalyan DevListen to Kalyan Dev
Kalyan DevaListen to Kalyan Deva
Kalyan DeviListen to Kalyan Devi
Kalyan DevtaListen to Kalyan Devta
Kalyan PremListen to Kalyan Prem
Kalyan PritiListen to Kalyan Priti
Kalyan PriyaListen to Kalyan Priya
Kalyan SangatListen to Kalyan Sangat
Kalyan SimranListen to Kalyan Simran
Kalyan TeraListen to Kalyan Tera
KamalListen to Kamal
Kamal AmritaListen to Kamal Amrita
Kamal AnandListen to Kamal Anand
Kamal AnandaListen to Kamal Ananda
KamalbirListen to Kamalbir
Kamal CharanListen to Kamal Charan
Kamal DassListen to Kamal Dass
KamaldeepListen to Kamaldeep
KamaldevListen to Kamaldev
Kamal DeviListen to Kamal Devi
Kamal GianListen to Kamal Gian
Kamal HariListen to Kamal Hari
Kamal HarpreetListen to Kamal Harpreet
Kamal InderListen to Kamal Inder
Kamal JagatListen to Kamal Jagat
KamaljeetListen to Kamaljeet
KamaljotListen to Kamaljot
KamaljotiListen to Kamaljoti
Kamal NamListen to Kamal Nam
Kamal NishanListen to Kamal Nishan
KamalpalListen to Kamalpal
KamalpatiListen to Kamalpati
Kamal PavanListen to Kamal Pavan
Kamal PrakashListen to Kamal Prakash
KamalpreetListen to Kamalpreet
KamalpremListen to Kamalprem
KamalpriyaListen to Kamalpriya
Kamal PuranListen to Kamal Puran
KamalroopListen to Kamalroop
Kamal SandeepListen to Kamal Sandeep
Kamal SangatListen to Kamal Sangat
Kamal SangeetListen to Kamal Sangeet
Kamal SangeetaListen to Kamal Sangeeta
Kamal ShaktiListen to Kamal Shakti
Kamal SimranListen to Kamal Simran
KamalwantListen to Kamalwant
KanwalListen to Kanwal
KanwalbirListen to Kanwalbir
KanwaljeetListen to Kanwaljeet
KanwaljotListen to Kanwaljot
KanwalpremListen to Kanwalprem
KanwarbirListen to Kanwarbir
Kanwar JodhaListen to Kanwar Jodha
KanwarpalListen to Kanwarpal
Kanwar PremListen to Kanwar Prem
KanwartejListen to Kanwartej
KaramListen to Karam
Karam AdeshListen to Karam Adesh
Karam AnandListen to Karam Anand
KarambirListen to Karambir
KaramdeepListen to Karamdeep
KaramdevListen to Karamdev
Karam DevaListen to Karam Deva
Karam DeviListen to Karam Devi
Karam DyalListen to Karam Dyal
Karam GopalListen to Karam Gopal
Karam InderListen to Karam Inder
Karam IndraListen to Karam Indra
KaramjeetListen to Karamjeet
KaramjotListen to Karamjot
Karam KirpalListen to Karam Kirpal
Karam MeetListen to Karam Meet
Karam NamListen to Karam Nam
KarampalListen to Karampal
KarampreetListen to Karampreet
KarampremListen to Karamprem
Karam PriyaListen to Karam Priya
KaramroopListen to Karamroop
Karam SatyaListen to Karam Satya
Karam SevakListen to Karam Sevak
Karam ShivaListen to Karam Shiva
KaramsukhListen to Karamsukh
KaramwantListen to Karamwant
KaranListen to Karan
Karan AdeshListen to Karan Adesh
Karan AtmaListen to Karan Atma
KaranbirListen to Karanbir
Karan DayaListen to Karan Daya
KarandeepListen to Karandeep
Karan DyalListen to Karan Dyal
Karan InderListen to Karan Inder
Karan IndraListen to Karan Indra
KaranjeetListen to Karanjeet
KaranjotListen to Karanjot
KaranpalListen to Karanpal
KaranpreetListen to Karanpreet
KaranroopListen to Karanroop
Karan SevaListen to Karan Seva
Karan ShantiListen to Karan Shanti
Karan TejaListen to Karan Teja
Karan TeraListen to Karan Tera
KariangListen to Kariang
KaringListen to Karing
Karn KaranListen to Karn Karan
KartaListen to Karta
Karta AkalListen to Karta Akal
Karta AmritListen to Karta Amrit
Karta JotListen to Karta Jot
Karta NihalListen to Karta Nihal
Karta PrakashListen to Karta Prakash
KartapurkhListen to Kartapurkh
KartarListen to Kartar
Kartar AmritListen to Kartar Amrit
Kartar AtmaListen to Kartar Atma
Kartar DyalListen to Kartar Dyal
Kartar JotListen to Kartar Jot
Kartar JotiListen to Kartar Joti
Kartar NamListen to Kartar Nam
Kartar NarayanListen to Kartar Narayan
Kartar NihalListen to Kartar Nihal
Kartar PrakashListen to Kartar Prakash
Kartar PriyaListen to Kartar Priya
Kartar SangatListen to Kartar Sangat
Kartar SimranListen to Kartar Simran
Karta SandeshListen to Karta Sandesh
Karta SangatListen to Karta Sangat
Karta ShantiListen to Karta Shanti
KavitaListen to Kavita
Kavita AdiListen to Kavita Adi
Kavita AtmaListen to Kavita Atma
Kavita DassListen to Kavita Dass
Kavita JotiListen to Kavita Joti
KavitapalListen to Kavitapal
Kavita PritiListen to Kavita Priti
Kavita RajListen to Kavita Raj
Kavita RamaListen to Kavita Rama
Kavita RaviListen to Kavita Ravi
KeherListen to Keher
KeherbirListen to Keherbir
Keher JotiListen to Keher Joti
Keher PremListen to Keher Prem
KevalListen to Keval
Keval AjeetListen to Keval Ajeet
Keval AmritListen to Keval Amrit
Keval AtmaListen to Keval Atma
Keval DayaListen to Keval Daya
Keval DayalListen to Keval Dayal
KevaldeepListen to Kevaldeep
Keval DharamListen to Keval Dharam
Keval HariListen to Keval Hari
KevaljeetListen to Kevaljeet
KevaljotListen to Kevaljot
KevaljotiListen to Kevaljoti
Keval NarayanListen to Keval Narayan
KevalpreetListen to Kevalpreet
Keval PremListen to Keval Prem
Keval PriyaListen to Keval Priya
Keval RamListen to Keval Ram
Keval RatanListen to Keval Ratan
Keval SatyaListen to Keval Satya
Keval ShabadListen to Keval Shabad
Keval ShaktiListen to Keval Shakti
Keval ShantiListen to Keval Shanti
Keval SimranListen to Keval Simran
Keval SiriListen to Keval Siri
Keval TaranListen to Keval Taran
KhalsaListen to Khalsa
KhushbirListen to Khushbir
KhushdevListen to Khushdev
KhushmeetListen to Khushmeet
KhushpalListen to Khushpal
KhushpreetListen to Khushpreet
KhushpremListen to Khushprem
KhushwantListen to Khushwant
KiretListen to Kiret
Kiret AkalListen to Kiret Akal
Kiret AmritaListen to Kiret Amrita
Kiret AnandListen to Kiret Anand
KiretdeepListen to Kiretdeep
Kiret DeviListen to Kiret Devi
Kiret HariListen to Kiret Hari
Kiret JotiListen to Kiret Joti
Kiret NihalListen to Kiret Nihal
KiretpreetListen to Kiretpreet
Kiret PritiListen to Kiret Priti
Kiret PriyaListen to Kiret Priya
Kiret RajListen to Kiret Raj
Kiret RamListen to Kiret Ram
KirinListen to Kirin
Kirin AkashaListen to Kirin Akasha
Kirin AnandListen to Kirin Anand
Kirin AtmaListen to Kirin Atma
Kirin BhagtiListen to Kirin Bhagti
KirindeepListen to Kirindeep
Kirin DevaListen to Kirin Deva
Kirin DeviListen to Kirin Devi
Kirin GianListen to Kirin Gian
Kirin GopalListen to Kirin Gopal
KirinjeetListen to Kirinjeet
Kirin NamListen to Kirin Nam
KirinroopListen to Kirinroop
Kirin SatyaListen to Kirin Satya
Kirin SevaListen to Kirin Seva
Kirin SooryaListen to Kirin Soorya
KirinsukhListen to Kirinsukh
Kirin TaraListen to Kirin Tara
Kirin TeraListen to Kirin Tera
Kirin VedyaListen to Kirin Vedya
KirpalListen to Kirpal
Kirpal AmritListen to Kirpal Amrit
Kirpal AnandListen to Kirpal Anand
Kirpal ArdasListen to Kirpal Ardas
Kirpal AtmaListen to Kirpal Atma
Kirpal CharanListen to Kirpal Charan
Kirpal DarshanListen to Kirpal Darshan
Kirpal DassListen to Kirpal Dass
Kirpal DevListen to Kirpal Dev
Kirpal DeviListen to Kirpal Devi
Kirpal GianListen to Kirpal Gian
Kirpal HariListen to Kirpal Hari
Kirpal HimatListen to Kirpal Himat
Kirpal JotListen to Kirpal Jot
Kirpal JotiListen to Kirpal Joti
Kirpal KaramListen to Kirpal Karam
Kirpal NarayanListen to Kirpal Narayan
Kirpal RajListen to Kirpal Raj
KirtanListen to Kirtan
Kirtan AjeetListen to Kirtan Ajeet
Kirtan AkalListen to Kirtan Akal
Kirtan AnandListen to Kirtan Anand
Kirtan AnandaListen to Kirtan Ananda
Kirtan AtmaListen to Kirtan Atma
Kirtan AvtarListen to Kirtan Avtar
Kirtan DeviListen to Kirtan Devi
Kirtan JiwanListen to Kirtan Jiwan
Kirtan MantraListen to Kirtan Mantra
Kirtan NidhanListen to Kirtan Nidhan
Kirtan PreetListen to Kirtan Preet
Kirtan PuranListen to Kirtan Puran
Kirtan RajListen to Kirtan Raj
Kirtan RamListen to Kirtan Ram
Kirtan RaviListen to Kirtan Ravi
Kirtan SevaListen to Kirtan Seva
Kirtan SevakListen to Kirtan Sevak
Kirtan SundriListen to Kirtan Sundri
Kirtan TeraListen to Kirtan Tera
KirtiListen to Kirti
Kirti AjeetListen to Kirti Ajeet
Kirti AmritaListen to Kirti Amrita
Kirti AnandListen to Kirti Anand
Kirti AngadListen to Kirti Angad
Kirti AvtarListen to Kirti Avtar
Kirti DhyanListen to Kirti Dhyan
Kirti GobindListen to Kirti Gobind
Kirti JiwanListen to Kirti Jiwan
Kirti PavanListen to Kirti Pavan
Kirti PuranListen to Kirti Puran
Kirti RadhaListen to Kirti Radha
Kirti SevaListen to Kirti Seva
Kirti SimritListen to Kirti Simrit
Kirti TaraListen to Kirti Tara
Kirti TeraListen to Kirti Tera
KrishanListen to Krishan
Krishan AjeetListen to Krishan Ajeet
Krishan AnandListen to Krishan Anand
Krishan AnandaListen to Krishan Ananda
Krishan DayaListen to Krishan Daya
Krishan DevListen to Krishan Dev
Krishan DevaListen to Krishan Deva
Krishan DeviListen to Krishan Devi
Krishan DevtaListen to Krishan Devta
Krishan HariListen to Krishan Hari
Krishan NamListen to Krishan Nam
Krishan PartapListen to Krishan Partap
Krishan PrakashListen to Krishan Prakash
Krishan PremListen to Krishan Prem
Krishan RamListen to Krishan Ram
Krishan SatyaListen to Krishan Satya
Krishan SevaListen to Krishan Seva
Krishan ShivaListen to Krishan Shiva
KrishnaListen to Krishna
Krishna RamListen to Krishna Ram
Kriya PremListen to Kriya Prem
KudratListen to Kudrat
Kudrat PreetListen to Kudrat Preet
Kudrat PremListen to Kudrat Prem
KulbirListen to Kulbir
KuldeepListen to Kuldeep
KuldevListen to Kuldev
KuljeetListen to Kuljeet
KuljotListen to Kuljot
KulmeetListen to Kulmeet
KulpreetListen to Kulpreet
Kulpreet SatyaListen to Kulpreet Satya
KulpremListen to Kulprem
KulrajListen to Kulraj
KultarListen to Kultar
KultaranListen to Kultaran
Kultaran PreetListen to Kultaran Preet
KulwantListen to Kulwant