The 5th Body: The Physical Body

The Physical Body could be said to be the sacred, living, human form that houses the soul, through which enlightenment and service to humanity are manifested. The key to perfecting this body is balance—balance in body and mind, balance in diet and exercise, balance in play, work, and rest. If your Physical Body is weak, you may feel that the body can’t support your needs. If your Physical Body is too strong, you may have an obsession with physical appearance and abilities. If your Physical Body is balanced and strong, all parts of your life are in balance, without extremes like self-indulgence or fanaticism. You meet others at their level and elevate them with your vitality, and by teaching balanced living.


Resources to Support Working with the Physical Body

Mantras: Spotify Playlist for the Physical Body

Kundalini Kriyas:

Keeping the Body Beautiful
The body is a temple of human expression and evolvement. We are often told by the media and friends that it wears out, has many illnesses, and is extremely fragile. In fact, the body is sensitive and self-repairing.

Kriya for Balancing the Chakras & Corresponding Organs
This kriya stimulates the navel point. In addition, Breath of Fire cleanses and strengthens the lungs, brings oxygen to the bloodstream, and helps you to breathe deeply. It is said to keep you young and healthy.

Kriya to Make You Enchantingly Beautiful
Beauty is a radiance of soul that shines through the physical appearance and beyond. This series is meant to elevate you and gives you a new inflow of energy.

Kriya for Morning Sadhana
With 23 exercises, this kriya is a great total kundalini workout. It will work out all the kinks, strengthen the nervous and glandular systems, and set you up for a blissful morning meditation.

Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire invigorates the brain, purifies the blood, increases physical endurance, and strengthens the nervous system. Regular practice expands the lung capacity and increases vital energy. It’s a go-to practice for times when one is low on energy or battling addictive tendencies and needs a natural oxygen boost.

Kriya to Withstand the Pressure of Time
This kriya is a physical and energetic set designed to strengthen the nervous system. It’s a lively workout to leave you relaxed and renewed.

Sat Kriya
Sat Kriya improves physical health with a gentle rhythmic massage of the internal organs, and it strengthens the heart through the rhythmic pumping motion of the Navel Point. The rhythmic contraction and relaxation produces waves of energy that circulate, energize, and heal the body.

Body Adjustment to Elevate the Spirit
During one’s life many movements occur in the body simultaneously influencing the action of the muscles. Certain muscles are stronger and hold the skeleton in a different way than the other muscles. This can lead to physical problems. Life becomes imbalanced and irritation sets in. The whole body structure is responsible for one’s elevation, for one’s “being-ness.” A car has its gas, it has transmission, and it starts. If one part is missing, or if just a little air does not get to the gas, it dies. It is the same with the body.

Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara)
Sun Salutation increases cardiac activity and circulation, stretches and bends the spine, massages the inner organs, aids the digestive system, exercises the lungs, and oxygenates the blood. When practiced with awareness, this improves one’s ability to maximize performance and enjoyment of all yoga postures.

Kriya for Disease Resistance
To avoid persistent colds and illness, it is essential to keep digestion and elimination functioning well. Add to this a strong metabolic balance and you will have heartiness. This kriya develops these capacities. It gives physical strength and builds disease resistance.

The Navel Center and Elimination
The First, Second and Third Chakras associated with the rectum, sex organs and Navel Point are thoroughly exercised in this kriya. It gives flexibility of the spine and improves the power of digestion and elimination of waste and toxins.

Meditation for Protection and Projection from the Heart
The Mangala Charan Mantra surrounds the magnetic field with protective light. It is said that this meditation can give you an enchanting, magnetic personality. It is recommended to master the 5th of the ten bodies, the Physical Body.

Managed Energy Meditation
With regular practice, this kriya will help bring the glandular system and the psyche into equilibrium, so that the system is regulated by the full self, and not just our fragmented neuroses. When the total self works together in harmony, that is the experience of ecstasy.

Sa Ta Na Ma Kriya to Balance the 5 Tattvas
When the elements, or tattvas, are out of balance, you will be off balance. When the five tattvas are in balance, you are virtuous, powerful, and attractive. Especially in the Age of Aquarius, we need to be balanced in body, mind, and spirit so that we have the capacity to uplift others. Become self-sufficient and elevate yourself. Share that uplifted consciousness with others.

Doei Ashtapad Jap Meditation for Healing
When systematically awakened and integrated into the nervous system, kundalini energy is deeply healing for our tissues, organs, and cells. Many believe that physical body ailments are spiritually healed not by you, but by the grace of the infinite conscious energy.





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