Slava Ukraini! Join Our Sangat in Supporting Ukraine

Our Global Sangat Delivers Aid to the People of Ukraine

Europe is seeing the largest refugee crisis since World War II, and over the past weeks, our Dharmic organizations have worked together to provide aid to the heart of Ukraine, where it’s most needed. Just this week, a sixteen-ton shipment of fresh and canned food or about 100,000 meals was delivered by our team to the Western Ukrainian city of Lviv, with its very large refugee population and a logistics distribution network that supplies much of the country.

“The Ukrainian people need all the help that is available,” said Siri Sant Kaur, CEO of 3HO Europe. “I’ve visited Lviv several times now, and their logistics network is often unable to plan even two days in advance because supplies get used so quickly. The most urgent need now is non-perishable food and medicine, even for common ailments that come from a low vitamin diet and weeks in bunkers. While we have delivered some food now, we are grateful that the Sikh American Veterans Alliance is readying a shipment of medicine from the US.”

In addition to food logistics, Sangat sevadars have been driving a 3HO Europe van between the Ukrainian border, Warsaw, and Berlin to help circumnavigate human tracking networks as refugees enter Western Europe, and to bring supplies back to the border area.

“In the Syrian refugee crisis, we saw mostly military-age men enter Europe. In this war, it is women and children, and so human trafficking networks are incredibly active, which is heartbreaking” said Simran Singh, the SSSC’s Global Affairs Advisor. “Something as simple as giving people a 10-hour ride from stretched Poland to a portion of Europa that still has capacity, can be a priceless contribution.”

Donate to Support Ukraine

3HO Foundation, 3HO Europe, and Sikh Dharma International are raising money for direct on-the-ground aid to Ukrainian refugees. Those who wish to offer their support can make a donation via this 3HO Foundation Meditate for Peace Campaign. The program team and local Sangat are in Warsaw, Poland, just a few hours from the Ukrainian border, and are supporting an aid warehouse in Lviv, Ukraine, and a municipal distribution center in Przemysl, Poland, close to the Ukrainian border. 100% of your donations will go directly to support and supply food, volunteers, and transportation for this aid effort. DONATE HERE >

Weekly Meditation – Chant for Peace

Join 3HO International and IKYTA as we carry on the Meditation for Peace, begun by 3HO Europe. This weekly offering is in support of the ongoing relief efforts for the people of Ukraine. Each week a different musician will be featured and the meditation will be broadcast on 3HO International’s Facebook Page. Learn more on our events calendar.

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