What is Winter Solstice?

“Winter Solstice is a tradition. It is celebrated in the spirit of who we are, and it gives us strength and achievement and brings us to feel our essence. It is a gathering of the souls of the beautiful. At Winter Solstice we can really shake hands, plan for our future and show our devotion and dedication.”

These are the words of Yogi Bhajan in 1986 to describe the beauty of Winter Solstice. Each year at Winter Solstice students and seek­ers of truth from around the world gather on a cozy campground in Northern Florida to meditate, practice the ancient art of White Tant­ric Yoga, share stories, elevate their consciousness, sing, dance and have fun.

The ideal way to get the most out of Winter Solstice is to arrive on the first day of camp to have a few days to relax into the Solstice setting before White Tantric Yoga begins.  This way you can get the jet lag out of your bones and become acclimatized to the warm weather (hopefully) of Florida. This way you will have time to pre­ pare to receive the Master’s Touch- for whether he comes in person or teaches through his subtle body, it is the touch of the Mahan Tan­tric that will poke, provoke, confront, and elevate us. We have prayed for lifetimes to join in this nurturing yet challenging camp.

As Yogi Bhajan has told us as early as 1988, “The relationship between you and me is that of the rising and setting sun; you are rising, and I am setting. It is my duty to make sure that as I set, you rise. That is why I am asking you to overcome every obstacle and come to Solstice. When you come to Solstice, you are doing something perfectly, beautifully selfish, for your soul. Renew yourself now. Develop that grit, that commitment to excel. Accept your des­ tiny today, so that when I set, tomorrow you can rise and accept the challenge.”

The 3HO family, with all its imperfections is still the greatest family in the world, and we are the most privileged who can still come together to share in the Winter Solstice Sadhana Celebration of life. Winter Solstice Sadhana is a great opportunity to transcend the maya of your own body and to come alive in the highest realms of your being. It is a chance to re-discover your SELF. Winter Solstice Sad­hana is not a vacation at a resort hotel; it is REAL and it is IMPOR­ TANT, and it is OURS. Winter Solstice is a cherished opportunity to leave time and space behind and build a group energy and spirit for the 3HO way of life. These special days will never come again.

“It is the best thing which is happening. It is very divine, it is very unique, it is very international, it is very human, and it is totally related to higher consciousness, and I know those who have come here and have taken time to come here are very fortunate.”

~This article was shared by Hari Charan Kaur in the October 2000 Prosperity Paths publication.

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