Trinity Roots

Onions, garlic, and ginger are known as the Trinity Roots. In the yogic diet, these foods are essential for cleansing, sustaining, and producing energy. They detoxify our internal organs, feed our glandular system, regenerate our creative and sexual energy, stimulate our immune system, and help clean and rebuild our brain function and entire nervous system.

Even beyond yogic teachings, there exists a great deal of scientific research to validate the many benefits that the Trinity Roots promote. These beneficial effects can also be amplified when these three ingredients are cooked or eaten together.1



Onions are often used as the base in cuisines across the globe—and with good reason. Not only are they flavorful, but they are considered a universal healing food that purifies the blood and increases mental clarity. Throughout various cultures, onions are recommended for maladies from colds to fever, to laryngitis, and even diarrhea. Evidence has shown onions to counteract symptoms of diabetes and low blood sugar, inhibit bacterial growth, and treat cataracts. They contain a powerful component called polyphenols which are antioxidants that fight free radical damage to the body’s cells.2

The yogis suggest eating onions raw for the most potent benefit; however, juiced or cooked onion is also highly beneficial.

Solstice Potato Soup


When people think of garlic, it’s often associated with bad breath, Italian food, or deterring vampires, but it’s actually a key ingredient in the yogic diet. Rather than combatting fantastical bloodsuckers, in reality it works to fight viruses and bacteria in the human body. Garlic can also increase sexual energy that, in combination with Kundalini Yoga, can be channeled upward through the chakras for greater spiritual awareness.

Beet and Carrot Casserole



Last but not least, ginger rounds out the trifecta of important roots in the yogi’s toolbox (or should we say cookbook?). This zesty ingredient can be used in more than just baked goods. When drunk as a tea or juice, or used as a spice, it can soothe and strengthen nerves by nourishing the spinal fluid, as well as increasing energy and vitality. Ginger is especially useful during menstruation since it helps to counteract cramping.

Yogi Tea

A classic yogic recipe that incorporates all three of the trinity roots is Ayurvedic Kitcheree, also known as Mung Beans and Rice.


For further inspiring uses of these potent foods, check out even more recipes:

Golden Milk

Potent Potatoes

Jalapeno Pancakes

Ginger Curry

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