Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan, which translates to deep relaxation in the true identity, is an ancient healing art and contemplative practice. The heart of the method is pure, meditative absorption on the Divine, and the potential for spontaneous healing that comes from it. While considered a yogic technology, Sat Nam Rasayan is a healing modality—not a yoga practice. 

What It Is

Have you ever experienced Reiki or energy work? Sat Nam Rasayan is similar in concept. A typical session involves two people: a giver and a receiver. The recipient will often lie down on their back with a practitioner seated beside them. The practitioner might gently lay hands on or hold them inches above the body. They then enter a state of meditation, allowing the energy of the Cosmos to flow through.

Unlike Reiki, a Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner does not invoke a specific frequency or energy. They simply open themselves as a vessel for healing energy to come through.

The gatekeeper for this experience is shuniya. Sanskrit for zero, shuniya is the complete surrender into emptiness in which we experience existence as the sum total of itself. We could call this Brahma, Christ Consciousness, or Sat Nam. Shuniya is the foundation from which the Divine can work through us in absolute clarity; if we can make ourselves zero, we make way for the divine to flow through.

How It Is Practiced

Sat Nam Rasayan can be practiced one-on-one with a practitioner and client, in a group setting with a teacher and students that practice on one another, or on oneself in sadhana or daily life.

Sat Nam Rasayan invites us to become aware of all sensations, thoughts, and feelings and to include them in our contemplative experience. As we invite them into our awareness they equalize, and our resistance gradually falls away. Resistance can take the form of distraction, judgment, differentiation of sensations, perception, conditions, boundaries, or perceived limitations. The relief that comes with their release facilitates the emptying into shuniya.

From the place of shuniya, the practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan enters into a relationship with the healing event. While the practitioner may ask questions about the needs or condition of the recipient, they are not “doing” anything other than stilling the mind to allow the divine to flow through. Because of the subtle nature of this relationship between healer and client, healing does not require physical proximity and can be done remotely.

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