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Summer and Winter Solstices have been the gathering time for those of us who love 3HO and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan (registered trademark) to be together kind of a spiritual family reunion. This year, 2019, is amazingly the 50th anniversary of 3HO. Yogi Ji created the Healthy Happy Holy Organization, that’s 3HO. For 46 of those years 3HO has been my family and international community. It turns out that my sister Guru Raj Kaur in Vancouver Canada is also part of this spiritual community. You may also know my niece, Nirinjan Kaur (the younger) the singer of sacred music. All in the family!

I have experienced the magic and power of the themes of Solstices. For example, the year the theme was the element Air, we had winds the blew down dozens of. When the element was water, we had “torrential” rains Thus when it was fire – we had forest fires in the area with so much smoke that it forced children’s and women’s camps to evacuate down the mountain. Now I hope this is not taken as a poor advertisement for participating, I wanted to share with you the subtle qualities of a gathering of conscious individuals that creates a metaphysical field of energy that uplifts and inspires. There are small and powerful experiences. In being a part of a class on Peace Prayer Day there were at least 800 people, nearly all new folks who were totally keeping up! I realized all the decades of seva, meditation, hard work was all worth it, that today’s generation of 3HO will Be the Light!

Shabad Kaur and I just came home to Chicago and the difference was huge. The love and caring, the authentic desire to know what is real at Solstices is palpable, and we recognized as something that was on the mountain, yet is held in our inspired improved selves. Phew, that is a relief to be able to carry it on, to be the light – the theme of this year.

We encourage all to find the time in your schedule to come to Winter Solstice 2019 in Lake Wales Florida and connect with your spiritual family, your Siblings of Destiny to recharge, heal and be in a space of love and divinity that we all have within us. At Solstices we can just let it all out!

In 2019 all year we will be doing the Healthy Happy Holy Breath to connect with the energy of 3HO. Here is the description of this meditation from the 3HO website.

The Healthy Happy Holy Breath Meditation
Originally taught by Yogi Bhajan on July 10, 1975
This meditation uses the power of the breath to enhance the depth of the effects of the mantra Healthy am I, Happy am I, Holy am I, and to carry out your intentions.
When practiced correctly, the breath will slow to two and a half breaths per minute. This shift from the normal 12-15 breaths per minute is significant. Once the breath rate is slower than four breaths per minute, the central brain starts functioning more intensely. The pineal and pituitary glands shift their relationship to each other. In this state the effects of outer and inner sound are greater. The mantra will become more penetrating. A larger portion of yourself will be able to synchronize and carry out your intentions.

  • Posture: Sit in any easy posture that keeps the spine straight
  • Mental focus: With the eyes closed, bring the mental focus to the Brow Point.
  • Breath and Mantra: Inhale deeply and completely through the nose. Hold the breath by suspending the movement of the chest. In your own language, silently repeat the mantra 3 times: Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy Am I (translations below). As you exhale, repeat the mantra out loud three times. Each repetition of the phrase takes about five seconds.
  • Time: Continue for 11 minutes.
  • To End: Inhale deeply, relax the breath, and sit silently for a minute or two. Then inhale deep, stretch the arms up over your head with the fingers interlocked, and pull the spine up. Exhale and relax.

*Please note that if you are leading this meditation with a group, it is best if the leader chants aloud the whole time in order to keep the group timing together.

Article written by Shiva Singh from Spirit Rising Yoga.

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