Chanting Akaal at the Time of Death

Chanting Akaal at the Time of Death

There is a beautiful tradition in 3HO  communities that is done when someone dies. Whether it is a beloved friend or relative, or someone we never knew, this tradition assists the departing soul in its journey home, as well as giving comfort to those left behind.

At the time of death, we chant Akaal three times. Akaal means ‘Undying’ and refers to the soul that is being released. This sound current helps to guide the soul to pass out of the earthly realm and into the Akaal Purakh, the Undying Being. It is said that chanting Akaal gives absolute freedom and eternal peace; that it breaks through boundaries and frees us to reach the One who brought us here.

“The tradition is to chant Akaal within the first 17 days of the person’s passing. However, the soul is timeless, so this means that Akaal can be chanted any time after the soul has left the body. The person chanting would hold the intention of the soul she wishes to release as she chants. It is said that this gives energy to the soul to break through the magnetic field of the earth and be released into the ethers. If the intended soul has already been released (through their own frequency or through prayers of loved ones instead of via Akaal) then other souls are released when the person chants. So the Akaal still serves.” – Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur

How to Chant Akaal

The sound of Akaal is "uh-call." When you chant it, you first take a full, deep breath. Then you chant the mantra for the full, extended length of that deep breath. The first syllable, "uh," is short, and the second syllable flows on the whole remaining length of your breath. It is chanted in a comfortable monotone. Chant 3 times.


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