Celestial Communication for Deep Relaxation

One of the most powerful things we can do to reclaim our body, reintegrate our brain, and relax inner stress is Celestial Communication—a type of moving meditation set to music, which is designed to activate the pranic energy in the Heart Center.

When you practice Celestial Communication, feelings of stress and trauma are filtered through a somatic experience, allowing them to transform into new and meaningful insights and understanding. It taps into movement traditions that we have been practicing as a species for thousands of years, and which are common to all our ancestry.

Celestial Communication is said to relax tension in the brain using the nerves in the fingers and hands. It also tunes the activity of the brain with the activity of the body, and helps to wake up natural intuition.

Through the combination of movement, music, and mudra, the brain is encouraged to reach its highest level of functioning, where the physical sense of movement, the connection to intention and action, the flow of thoughts, and the mind’s meditative attention all join as one.

If this is your first time trying Celestial Communication, you may wish to follow along with the beautiful example in this video to get an idea of what it feels like. Then, try creating your own and see how the experience unfolds.

How to Create Your Own Celestial Communication

Most Kundalini Yoga kriyas are very structured and precise. The structure of Celestial Communication emerges organically from your unique sensitivity and creativity. The structure is in the alignment of the body with the mind and feelings, the synchronization of time, and the experience of space with the music or mantra.

The goal is to embody and free your original Self, to be true to all of the emotions—happy, sad, surprising, mirthful, or poignant—in your entire being. It is a physical expression of your inner experience.

Here’s a list of everything you need in order to have a great experience with Celestial Communication:

  • Pick music you can sing with
  • Move in rhythm
  • Be sure the sounds are uplifting and positive
  • Put your heart into it
  • Intend to have an impact with each movement and phrase
  • Use the hands and fingers precisely and consciously
  • Be aware of your body within each movement


Some additional tips you may want to keep in mind, especially if you are using Celestial Communication as a tool to reintegrate after acute stress and trauma:

  • Move opposite sides of the body and then bring them together or toward the center
  • Vary movements in polarities: forward and back, left and right, up and down; circles and straight, close and far.
  • Use different movement speeds when it fits the rhythm: quick, slow, smooth, and syncopated. Be sure each movement and sequence is intentional; project it out toward someone.

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