We have a new registration system!

We have a new registration system!

Registration Opens on March 4th.

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Please read the “What’s New “section below to learn about the recent changes in our registration system.

What’s New!:

General Registration Changes:

  • Please do not use Safari as your web browser, Firefox and Google Chrome are the preferred web browsers.
  •  Fee items cannot be changed after registration is complete. If you need to add, subtract or change a fee item, we will need to cancel your registration and you can register again.

Registration Prices:

  • You can find a full list of the registration dates and prices here.


  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal and Bill Me Later.

Service Exchange, and discount codes:

  • All codes go into one simple field called “Promo Code“, located above the fee section.
  • Only 1 code will be accepted per registrant.
  • Codes cannot be added after your registration is complete.

Child Registration:

  • Parent discount for KYC: If you are attending women’s camp you can receive 10% off a full pass registration for your child to attend the children’s, camp, Khalsa Yoga Camp that is held from from June 30th-July 6th. The discount code for this can be found in theInternational Women’s Camp registration form. This discount code cannot be added after the child is registered for KYC. To learn more about women’s camp, click here.

Group Registration:

  • Each child must be registered separately. There is not an option to add another child.