Karma Yoga

Seva is a universal value of many yoga traditions and is a service done for others and for community. These tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation are meant to bring us to Shuniya and to a transcendent experience of serving others. There are 22 forms of Yoga, and Karma Yoga is one of these paths. The practice of Karma Yoga as a Kundalini Yogi develops grace and humility so that we can be both radiant and humble.

Meet new friends, connect in mutual support, practice the all camp meditation, and experience the depth of what is the highest form of spiritual practice – Karma Yoga.

How do we allow for a new experience as a community so that everyone (staff, sevadars and paid helpers) have a flowing, meaningful and rejuvenating Solstice? This is a big part of our cultural change that we can find a solution for together. Everyone working together to serve and support one another is the Aquarian Age.

Karma Yoga at Solstice

Karma Yoga is a main part of the Solstice experience, just as much as the practice of Morning Sadhana or daily Kundalini Yoga classes.

Everyone you meet here serves as either Full-time staff, Service Exchange yogis who work 4-6 hours/day, or Karma Yogis who work 2 hours/day. Camp runs on the combined effort of all the people here. This is your camp—the Solstice camp is an opportunity to participate in this collaborative experience.

From chopping vegetables to preparing the grounds to assisting with tent set up for campers, your participation sets the intention and energy of manifesting a joyous and fulfilling Solstice for all through serving the Global Community. The energy of giving elevates our consciousness as we embrace the Aquarian spirit side-by-side with our fellow yogis.

Parents: We know that parents come to Solstice to unwind and have time for you during the event. In order to have a successful youth camp program for all of the children attending, we ask for just a small amount of your time as a parent to assist in the Solstice Youth Camp program. We appreciate you participating in the Solstice Youth Camp Co-Op as your Karma Yoga.

Karma Yoga/Service Exchange Meetings: Every Karma Yoga or Service Area Team will gather daily in the morning for an hour every day of camp. During this time you will practice a daily camp meditation, check-in on a personal level about your solstice experience and hear important information and announcements from your team leader/facilitator. Your Service Area Team is like your small circle of connection during the event. For many people their karma yoga teams are so important as a connecting circle of inclusion and sharing an experience of service together.

We ask all Solstice attendees to participate in at least 2 hours of Karma Yoga each day. We recognize this can feel like a lot of your time but these moments of giving bring so much in return.

The Rights of a Sevadar/Volunteer​

Choose Your Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is how daily operations happen at our Winter Solstice festival and everyone’s contributions keeps the ticket prices lower for all. You sign up for Karma Yoga when you register. Your seva is deeply appreciated by all.

Audio Visual: Aid in monitoring the sound equipment for classes and programs.

First Aid: Keep the first aid area tidy and clean so that medical professionals can assist those in need.

Green Team: Manage landfill bin removal as well as recycling and composting efforts.

Grounds Team: General maintenance, soap and hand sanitizer team, restocking toilet paper, bathroom cleaning, etc.

Gurdwara Team: Cleaning, setting up and maintaining the Gurdwara on camp.

Karma Yoga Opt-out. Purchase a Retail Priced Ticket for $1,400: Are you at a point in your life where working on a team with service exchange members and other karma yogis doesn’t resonate with you? Do you just want to come to classes and not have any responsibilities? This option IS available as a retail price higher than the normal Solstice ticket, because it is through the collective effort of ALL attendees that we keep Solstice accessible to all. We invite you to contribute directly to the mission by purchasing this Karma Yoga opt-out/retail price, only for people under the age of 65, so that the light of Kundalini Yoga and the upliftment can reach all who need it. All other participants from 18 to 65 are expected to sign up and show up for your karma yoga. Elders are welcome to serve with presence and take a break from camp activities, instead serving with wisdom.

Kitchen – Bean Sprouting: Maintain quality of bean sprouts and assist kitchen manager with bean sprout process.

Kitchen – Bean and Rice Brigade: Tend the beans and rice to perfect completion. Sort and rinse rice, then follow the recipe to add veggies and spices. Cook carrots and beets.

Kitchen – Breakfast Soup Sevadars: Start to heat up the soups each morning at 5 am.

Kitchen – Clean Up and Dishwashing: Keep the kitchen as clean as possible all the time. Make a schedule to work throughout the day.

Kitchen – Dinner Prep and Soup Starters: Come to the kitchen 1½ hours before dinner is served and transfer the food from pots to buckets and wash enough pots to get the soup started early. Cook the soup until the veggies are soft, then turn the soups off for what is left of a good night’s sleep.

Kitchen – Yogi Tea & Golden Milk: Prep and serve Yogi Tea daily and Golden Milk when needed.

Kitchen – Lunch Team: Make our delicious lunch! Work on the langar and special meals.

Kitchen – Solstice Youth Camp Food: Help prepare food for our youngest attendees.

Kitchen – Veggie Chopping: Washing and chopping the veggies that fuel our nutritious camp diet.

Kitchen – Tantric Burger Team: The Tantric Burger team meets early during morning sadhana on each Tantric day (19th – 21st) to assemble the burgers for lunch so they are nice and fresh every day! Must be able to attend each morning. 

KYSS: Help to educate people about their Karma Yoga participation during registration, and round up the camp for their Karma Yoga meetings each morning.

Luggage: Help welcome new arrivals, unload their luggage, pick a tenting spot, and take their luggage in the wheelbarrows to each camping site/cabins.

Meal Serving: Serve breakfast, lunch or dinner daily.

Programming: Assist with teacher and class venue needs.

Registration Check-In: Assist attendees as they arrive and get checked-in to camp.

Gatekeepers Crew: This team will be responsible for welcoming people into camp and screening registration status. 

Senior Seva Team: “I serve with my presence”. This team acknowledges the many and varied contributions that elders have made to the community. In honor of this service we ask elders to only sign up for a service team if they wish, otherwise they are invited to serve with presence and as a living wisdom counsel for the camp.

Solstice Youth Co-op: If you are a parent or guardian, your Karma Yoga will be to serve at Solstice Youth Camp.

Wake-up Call: Rise in the early morning and wake up camp with the “Rise up” song recording. This team will take turns with this early morning walk under the stars. No musical experience necessary, but you must like being an early riser.

We can’t wait to see you for Summer Solstice 2024!

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