PROJECT OF SEVA – Meditation at the Hospital

Meditation at the hospital is a Seva project that offered Kundalini Yoga and meditation practices to the medical staff that was on the front lines at the Alcorcón Foundation University Hospital, to provide them with support in times of pandemic.

Seva & Service

The spiritual awareness cultivated in Kundalini Yoga practice is even more vitalizing when it is used in service of others. In the most concise terms, seva means to give without asking for anything in return. To serve without reward. To uplift and inspire those who need it.

An Offering for Community and Connection

What I learned by moving to Greece is if you go into a new environment with the perspective of “how can I be of benefit?” you can actually build up a community pretty quickly. 

What Homeless Shelters and Refugee Camps Have Taught Me About Seva

The word “seva” means selfless service, but when I reflect on it, I think I get as much out of my acts of seva as the people I’m serving. Some of my first volunteer positions were in homeless shelters in San Francisco, and today I volunteer to support the refugee population here in Greece.

Focus on Giving

Let go of the ego and step into service. We can make a difference every day by acting from a place of authenticity and selflessness.