Cold Showers

The thought of a cold shower first thing in the morning can be shocking at first (unless, of course, you’re one of the 43% of people worldwide without the luxury of hot water). Known as Ishnaan in the East, and popularized by Wim Hof, Tony Robbins, and the world of Kundalini Yoga, cold showers are a form of hydrotherapy with proven benefits for good health.

Sadhana: Daily Spiritual Practice

Sadhana is the yogic term for daily spiritual practice. It is one of the main tools for working on the self and achieving a higher state of consciousness.

4 Reasons to Commit to a Daily Yoga Practice

A daily practice means different things for different people ranging from a few sun salutations to several hours of a particular sequence or class. For me, it means I do a Kundalini Yoga kriya or meditation every day.

7 Misconceptions About Your Yoga Practice

Yogic Concepts

People often come to me asking how to establish and maintain a daily practice.  And when I really listen to their questions, I’m surprised at how many misunderstandings there are about how to keep up with your practice.

Sadhana is My School

A daily sadhana practice makes it impossible for me to hide from myself. Sadhana is my touchstone—a daily check-in with my CEO—my Soul.

What I Know About the Aquarian Sadhana

I grew up with the Aquarian Sadhana, an early morning practice that includes doing Japji, yoga and chanting. My parents would bring me down to the sadhana room all bundled up in blankets. My mother said when I was little I would always pop up out of my blankets and sing along with the chants when they started.