A Personal Experience of the Mul Mantra

When I was starting my practice of Kundalini Yoga in 2007, the Mul Mantra was one of the first mantras I heard. My initial reaction to it was that I didn’t understand it. It puzzled me. What does this mantra mean?

Prayer in the Aquarian Age


Bow your head and pray from the heart. Prayer is beyond time and space, a call to the higher self, and a request that the Infinite come through for the finite. To pray is to call upon yourself to be yourself.

6 Yogic Tips to Create the Life You Want

How did a gal who grew up in a small town with a Jewish mom and Catholic dad find herself to be living this rich life? Quite simply, I paid attention to myself and have gotten to know myself really well over the years, with the help and guidance of Kundalini Yoga.

Japji is the Love of My Life

Japji, also known as the Song of the Soul, is the love of my life. After about three months of daily chanting, one Sunday morning I felt bliss-the kind of bliss that makes you realize that all is well and always will be, like a message from God wrapped up in a physical, cellular experience of heaven.