The Sky of Ram Das Puri

Take a walk down old Saint’s Road,
The tents are flapping in the wind that blows,
The children’s laughter tells you “you are home”,
Feel the dust and breathe in deep,
It has come from the saint’s feet,
It will take your karmas away,
Take you on to home,
The sky of Ram Das Puri
Covers the saints in love,
The land of Ram Das Puri
The saints below and the stars up above,
In the light of Ram Das Puri,
Destiny comes clear,
And every speck of dust carries an angel to us,
Ram Das Puri, Ram Das Puri,
Ram Das Puri, Ram Das Puri,
Land of love,
Take a drink of our sweet water,
After that nothing matters,
It can wash away the pieces,
Of a broken heart,
Take a breath of our fresh air,
It’s the sweetest anywhere,
You breathe out and I breathe in,
‘Til “you and I” is gone.

This song was written by Livtar Singh Khalsa and you can listen to this song here: