Kundalini Yoga – A Song by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa

Sitting in full lotus, hands up in the air
Pumping at the navel, at the third eye stare
Sweating out the toxins, master gland secretes
The rhythm of the mantra, to the soul is sweet

Satinam Satinam Satinam Ji, Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Ji
True is the Name O my soul, Indescribable ecstasy O my soul
Delve into the layers, of my mind
Clearing out the patterns, that hold me behind
In divine union, of body, soul and mind
Finite becomes Infinite, God is what I find

Disengaged mother, left us on our own
Father lived in anger, love was never shown
All these complications, ever leave my mind
Kundalini yoga, opens me to light

Prana and apana, stir the psychic heat
Kundalini rises, God and soul meet
Merged in the Beloved, soul is one with Him
Everlasting ecstasy, that never ends

“You are the students of the Divine Mother, power of the kundalini
And the science is true, and the art is true,
You’ll be awakened, and then you will need the Shabad Guru” (Yogi Bhajan)

O my soul, I hope I served you well
You’re my one companion, this the Guru tells
Pushed beyond my limits, to get a sight of you
Now I am awakened, by the True Guru

copyright 2023 Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa